University of Houston-Victoria

Curriculum and Student Achievement

Returning Students

Registration Checklist:

  1. Do you have any holds? In order to register for courses you cannot have any hold on your account.  You can view your holds by logging into your MyUHV account and looking at your Student Center.

  2. Have you been advised? You need to make sure that you have an academic plan in order to register yourself for courses each semester.  If you have not met with your Success Coach/Advisor to discuss your degree requirements, then you need to so in order to avoid wasting time and money.

  3. If you have met with your Success Coach/Advisor and know which courses you should take, you can register by following the steps below.


How to Register for Classes:

  1. Navigate to myUHV then enter your UHV ID and Password and click Sign In.
    • Need to find your UHV ID or Forgot Your Password? See the links in the login box above.
  2. Choose UHV Self Service.
  3. Click on Enrollment in the Learner Service area.
  4. Select Enrollment: Add Classes in the Learner Service area.
  5. Select the classes that you want to add.
  6. Click on add.

Strategy 1: If you previously Searched for Classes and have a prepared list of section numbers, then you'll use the Enter Class Nbr area and type in one of the section or class numbers from your list.

Strategy 2: You can search for classes within myUHV.


Have you earned more than 45 credit hours? If you have just earned 45 credit hours it is time to transition to your program advisor. You will need to meet with them to make sure that you have signed your degree plan and you are on the right path to graduate. Please contact the Student Success Coaches for more information regarding your program advisor.