University of Houston-Victoria

Curriculum and Student Achievement

Purpose of the Core Curriculum

At UHV, we believe in promoting an educational environment that places the learner at the center of our efforts.  We believe in the ability of each individual student to explore their worth and potential. We value critical thinking and creative expression while advocating an appreciation of cultural diversity. We believe in a learning environment that is predicated upon strong ethical principles while creating an atmosphere that fosters development of integrity, values, and knowledge.

The primary purpose of the Core Curriculum at UHV is intellectual development. Providing a strong basis for conceptual problem-solving across the curriculum, our core courses facilitate the development of the skills to analyze, interpret, and evaluate information while encouraging questions and independent thinking.  In addition, the core courses broaden and deepen the understanding of our students in terms of interpersonal relationships, diversity, humanities and culture, ethics, and scientific and quantitative reasoning.

At UHV, our Core Curriculum

  • promotes critical thinking, effective verbal and written communication, and skills for life-long learning
  • provides students with the intellectual acumen and pragmatic approach necessary to create the foundation for personal and professional fulfillment
  • fosters a learning environment rich in creativity and collaboration, where students, faculty, and staff encourage a culture of excellence
  • provides a stimulating learning environment that utilizes changing technology in order to meet the opportunities of a global economy

We measure the success of our Core Curriculum by our ability to

  • provide a learning-centered environment fostered by dedicated and knowledgeable faculty who exhibit excellence in teaching, possess appropriate academic credentials, and have industry-related experience
  • ensure outcomes-based education and curriculum by ongoing communication with students, graduates, employers, and industry professionals
  • prepare students for professional growth in their respective fields
  • maintain a systematic approach to institutional growth and development through assessment and long-range planning while improving processes and operations
  • champion a culture of learning by continuous personal and professional development of students, alumni, and employees

If you are a student and wish to learn more about what courses are required to complete the Core Curriculum, check out the Academic Catalog, under the section of University Degree Requirements.

Faculty who wish to propose new core courses or change an existing course may do so here. Information about core learning outcomes and assessment may be found here.