University of Houston-Victoria


Policies and Procedures

In addition to managing occupancy and monitoring the conditions within the region of the campus and instructional center, a set of policies and procedures will be adhered to while under COVID-19 conditions.  These policies and procedures will align with guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and the State of Texas:

  • All students, personnel and visitors to campus are to adhere to CDC-recommended social distancing guidelines.
  • Approved masks to be worn by all students, personnel, and visitors to campus in public spaces when away from designated work areas. Hand sanitizer made available to all active areas of campus and regularly replenished.
  • Limitations on numbers of visitors in an office adhered to current percentage occupancy standards. Appointments made for on-campus meetings where possible.
  • Partitions erected were possible in meeting spaces where social distancing is difficult.
  • All visitors to campus, contractors, and vendors are to adhere to protocols established for the active phase.
  • Office spaces to be cleaned regularly.
  • Active classroom spaces to be cleaned regularly.
  • Elevator passengers are to practice social distancing and occupancy restrictions according to the active phase. Personnel are encouraged to use stairs wherever possible.
  • Signage around and in bathrooms, elevators, in offices, and in open spaces to remind students, personnel and visitors of the active phase and to wear masks, practice social distancing, and protect each other.
  • Students to wear approved masks in classes, faculty to wear face shields (provided by UHV).
  • Travel restrictions to remain in effect up until Phase 4.
  • Establish a COVID-19 Operations Center in partnership with Victoria College to guide health promotion, logistics, COVID-19 tracking, and triage services on behalf of both institutions.
  • Testing for COVID-19 available to those showing symptoms and upon request according to the guidelines and recommendations provided by the appropriate county health officials and in cooperation with the UHV COVID-19 Operation Center.
  • Prioritize classroom and meeting place scheduling for academic- and UHV-related activities while at Phase 4 or below.