University of Houston-Victoria


Phase 3

Percentage Occupancy Up to 30% Single occupancy offices approved.
Classroom Status Hybrid (bi-modal) Deans and chairs determine locations, frequency. Synchronous streaming, recording of lectures. Masks for students, face shields for faculty.
Dormitory Status Partially Occupied One student per room. Social distancing measures in place. Symptomatic student tested. Infected students quarantined. Dining hall limited. Meal drop-offs for quarantined students.
Library Status Open (reduced hours) Limited occupancy. Access closed after exceeding occupancy limit. Security check-point. Hours: Noon to 8 p.m. Monday-Thursday. Closed Friday. Open Sunday 1 to 6 p.m. Staggered shifts.
Campus Events Restricted UHV internal, academic events prioritized, external events by EC approval.
Athletics Status Partially active As per NAIA.
Travel Restricted At discretion of Vice Presidents.

Policies and Procedures

  • Buildings opened. Limited access/occupancy.
  • Offices and workspaces cleaned daily.
  • Hand sanitizer available in all buildings near entrance/exits.
  • Social distancing in effect as per CDC guidelines.
  • Facial coverings and vaccines not required but encouraged.
  • Classroom instruction limited to 30% of room occupancy. Limited to two face-to-face sessions per week.
  • Meetings administered online through Teams or Zoom if social distancing and percentage occupancy guidelines cannot be met.

Prerequisites for Advancing from Phase 3 to Phase 4

  1. The State of Texas continues to lift restrictions.
  2. Local indicators of infection spread show stable or decreasing community transmission.
  3. Clusters of cases are promptly identified and contained and do not spread to the community.
  4. Health care and public health systems can cope with the volume of current and potential cases.
  5. Identification, quarantine, and contact tracing of infections on campus.