University of Houston-Victoria


Phased Reopening Plan


The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted society on a global scale from late 2019 up until the present. As the virus made its way into the United States and has spread throughout each state, organizations of all kinds have been disrupted.

The University of Houston-Victoria was not only impacted by the emergence of the virus infections but was also affected by the fire in the University West building on March 12, 2020. These conditions prompted our decision to start spring break early (March 12, 2020) and to close the campus thereafter officially on April 1, 2020. All academic instruction was moved online March 25, 2020, the staff was transitioned to a work-from-home status, and the campus was closed to all except essential personnel.

At the direction of President Glenn and the Executive Committee, a Taskforce to Reopen UHV was formed to craft a plan for a phased reopening of the campus and operations in Victoria and in Katy. The Taskforce was convened for a first meeting and charge from the President on April 30, 2020. The members are:

  • Chance Glenn Sr., Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs - Chair
  • Keith Akins – President of the Faculty Senate/Associate Professor in the School of Arts & Sciences
  • Angela Bigby – Registrar
  • Cindy Buchholz – Vice President of Instruction at Victoria College
  • John Burke – Director of Facilities Services
  • Paula Cobler – Senior Director of Marketing & Communications
  • Ken Colwell – Dean of School of Business Administration
  • Randy Faulk – Senior Director of Information Technology
  • Tiarah Figueroa – President of Student Government Association
  • Chanel Hicks – Health Educator in the Counseling Center
  • Brandon Lee – Director of Residence Life
  • Karen Locher – Interim Director of Library
  • Rachel Martinez – Associate Dean of the School of Education, Health Professions & Human Development
  • Rosemary McCusker - Senior Coordinator of Student Recruitment
  • Stuart Sherman – Manager of Emergency Management/Assistant Fire Marshall
  • Tara Vaughn – Assistant Clinical Professor in the Nursing Program
  • Ashley Walyuchow – Athletic Director

The Rationale for a Phased Reopening

To minimize the risk to students, staff, and faculty and to resume standard university operations, we have established a reopening plan based upon condition-driven phases. The percentage occupancy criteria of these phases start off relatively small then can be modified as the situation in the community changes.

The determination that criteria has been met and the decision to move from one phase to the other will be made by the Executive Committee. Decisions will be made independently for Victoria and Katy subject to the local conditions and UH System directives.

Monitoring Active Conditions

UHV will remain in consistent contact with the health officials for the counties and cities where its campus and instructional site reside. This also includes counties and cities where students conduct practicums, internships and on-site activities. The conditions of interest are:

  • The current number of COVID-19 cases in the city and county as determined by official sources.
  • The change in COVID-19 cases in the city and county as determined by official sources.
  • The 14-day infection rate in the city and county as determined by official sources.
  • The conditions of community spread present in the city and county.
  • The number of deaths related to COVID-19 in the city and county as determined by official sources.
  • The availability, capability and effectiveness of testing in the city and county.
  • The health care facility capacity available in the city and county.