University of Houston-Victoria


Visitor Protocols

UHV requires that visitors follow the same prevention protocols that the university has implemented for students and employees. The prevention protocols are set out below:

Exposure Assessment

Visitors must conduct an exposure assessment prior to coming to campus by doing the following:

If you have not been fully vaccinated, ask yourself:

  • Within the past 14 days, have you had “close contact” with a person who is lab confirmed or diagnosed with COVID-19, and with respect to that person:
    • You were within 6 feet for a “prolonged period of time” (currently considered to be at least 15 minutes)?
    • You provided them care at home?
    • You had direct physical contact (touched, hugged or kissed them)?
    • You shared eating or drinking utensils?
    • They sneezed, coughed or somehow got respiratory droplets on you?
  • Within the past 10 days, have you returned from international travel?

If the answer to any of the above questions is “yes,” you may NOT come to the University of Houston-Victoria campus or any UHV facility.

Additionally, if you test positive or are diagnosed with COVID-19, you may NOT come to the University of Houston-Victoria campus or any UHV facility until you have completed the appropriate isolation period per CDC guidelines.

Face Coverings

UHV encourages the wearing of face coverings, especially for individuals who are not fully vaccinated, but face coverings are not required on campus.

Hand Hygiene

Good hand hygiene, including frequent hand washing and hand sanitizing, should be followed by visitors before and during visits to the UHV campus.

Reporting Positive COVID-19 Cases

If you test positive or are diagnosed with COVID-19 within three days of being in a university building, please immediately notify your university sponsor or event coordinator, or if uncertain, the UHV COVID-19 Operations Center at covidops@uhv.edu.