University of Houston-Victoria


Student Frequently Asked Questions

The following resource was developed for students and family members to answer their questions about UHV. General questions may be sent to visit this page frequently, as we will be providing relevant updates to the list of FAQs.

General Information

Q: Is campus still open?
A: Both the Victoria campus and the University of Houston-Victoria at Katy are closed except for essential personnel. You can reach us by email, phone and social media. All UHV classes are being taught online through the end of the summer.

Q: Are university-sponsored events canceled?
A: Yes. All on-campus student-related activities and athletic events are canceled or postponed for the remainder of the summer.

Q: Financial Aid is requesting documents from me. How can I get them to the office?
A: The most effective method of communicating with our office is by email to If you do not have access to a computer or internet, you can mail your documents to 3007 N. Ben Wilson St., Victoria, TX 77901.

Q: Will going from face-to-face classes to online classes affect my financial aid?
A: No. Your financial aid is based on your enrollment status whether the classes are online or face to face.

Q: Is Financial Aid open, and is there anyone available to speak to students?
A: Yes, Financial Aid is open, and there are employees available to assist you. We temporarily are located in the UHV University Center, Room 205. If you would like to visit us in person, please call us in advance at 361-570-4125. You also can schedule a virtual appointment with a Financial Aid representative.

Q. Will study abroad programs be available for the fall semester?
A. UHV has canceled all study abroad programs to all countries until further notice. If you have immediate questions about Study Abroad, please email

Q: When will spring commencement ceremonies take place?
A: In response to concerns about COVID-19, UHV postponed its May 16 spring commencement ceremonies. They will be rescheduled as soon as restrictions are lifted and it is safe to gather. Updates will be posted at

Information for Incoming Students

Q: Is there still time to apply for the fall semester?
A: Yes. We’re are extending the application deadline to August 14, 2020.

Q: My SAT/ACT test date was canceled. What can I do?
A: The July registration date for the ACT has passed. The ACT has added more test dates for the fall 2020 semester. View upcoming test dates.

The following SAT exams are NOT yet canceled, although they may be as the situation evolves:

  • Aug. 29, 2020
  • Sept. 26, 2020
  • Oct. 3, 2020
  • Nov. 7, 2020
  • Dec. 5, 2020

Go here for up-to-date information about SAT test dates.

Q: If my high school is closed, what can I do to send in my grades and test scores?
A: If you have any previous or current application materials, we encourage you to submit those electronically or through email at

Q: Are campus tours available?
A: On-campus tours are suspended at this time. We hope to resume campus tours as soon as possible.

Q: How can I reach a recruiter to discuss attending UHV?
A: Even though we are unable to meet with you on campus, we are available through email, text message and social media or by scheduling a virtual meeting. To find your recruiter, go to

Q: Where can I find information that relates to new International students?
A: For the latest updates, please visit

Q: Will UHV be offering classes this summer and fall semesters?
A: Yes. Registration is all online and will continue as normal. The schedule for summer II and fall 2020 is open. If you are having difficulty registering, please email If there is a hold on your account, please directly contact the office that has issued the hold for more information.

Q: Will I be awarded and disbursed my financial aid for the summer and fall semesters in a timely manner?
A: Yes. We have a plan in place that will allow our office to quickly award and disburse students for the summer and fall semesters.

Q: Is it too late for me to complete my Free Application for Federal Student Aid for aid year 2020-2021?
A: No, it is not too late to complete your FAFSA. You also should complete the UHV Scholarship Application at You must be a current student to complete the form.

Q: Is there still a plan to offer New Student Orientation for incoming freshmen?
A: Yes. Students who primarily will be attending the Victoria campus may sign up for the July 23 virtual orientation session, and students who primarily will be attending UHV Katy may sign up for the Aug. 13 virtual orientation. Read more information about New Student Orientation.

Q. I am transferring to UHV and am wondering if the university will accept alternative grades from my previous institution?
A. UHV will accept and award college-level credit from regionally accredited institutions that provide grades of S (Satisfactory) or P (Pass) during the semesters impacted by COVID-19. Hours earned from S or P grades will be counted toward transfer hours but will not be factored in the calculation of your cumulative transfer GPA and will not factor into your GPA at UHV. Hours earned from F grades will count toward the calculation of your cumulative transfer GPA.

Note: Students in the following programs should reach out to their faculty advisor and/or certification analyst for guidance. This grading option may not be the recommended option based on your future educational plans:

For School of Education, Health Professions & Human Development: If you are working on a certification or credential (Teacher Education, Counseling, Principal, Superintendent, Educational Diagnostician, Nursing).

For School of Arts & Sciences: Biomedical Sciences and graduate psychology programs.

Information for Current Students

Q: Where can I access my online classes?
A: Students can access all online classes through Blackboard Learn.

Q: I currently am a student worker using the work-study program. Now that my classes are online and I plan on moving back to Houston to live with my parents, what should I do about my job?
A: Please contact Financial Aid immediately. If you are no longer available to work, we will contact your employer and have your employment terminated.

Q: Can I still get an official transcript? How do I go about getting one?
A: Yes. Transcript request instructions can be found at

Q: Are the residence halls and dining services still available?
A: Both the residence halls and dining services are available on a limited basis.

Q: Will payment deadlines be pushed back?
A: July 1 is the institutional tuition loan payment deadline for summer 2020, and Aug. 18 is the tuition and fee payment deadline for fall 2020.

Q: Are payment plans still available?
A: The institutional tuition loan option for summer is not available in myUHV. Students wanting to request an institutional loan should send an email to Student Billing at so instructions and a form can be sent to the student’s UHV email address. Please note: Students participating in the FastTrak program are not eligible for the institutional loan.


Q: Are the residence halls open?
A: Yes, the UHV residence halls are open. Residence Life expects to remain open through the end of the spring semester, and throughout the summer and fall.

Q: What is the procedure for moving out of the residence halls?
A: If you are currently on campus, you can begin moving out immediately. You do not need to sign up for a checkout time. When removing your belongings from your residence hall room, you must:

  • Bring your own packing, moving and cleaning supplies.
  • Report to the front desk at Jaguar Hall to complete your checkout once you have vacated and cleaned your room.

There will be no room inspections upon checkout. However, egregious or intentional damages to the room may be charged to the resident. If you have already moved all of your belongings out and do not need to return to campus, please contact housing at to make arrangements for returning your key (if applicable) and getting officially checked out.

Q: What are the expectations for cleanliness when I leave my space? Can I check out cleaning supplies?
A: We ask that you remove all items, trash and belongings. Do your best to clean your space with the supplies you have or supplies you bring with you. We will not be checking out cleaning supplies to limit germ transference from people handling the same objects.

Q: Do you have carts available to check out?
A: To limit germ transference, we will not be able to check out moving supplies, carts, etc. Please bring your own packing and moving supplies.

Q: What information is available about postal services for residents?
A: Residents are encouraged to begin forwarding their mail to their preferred destination. For students staying in emergency housing, mail will be routed to another desk, and students will be informed about where to pick it up.

Q: What if I moved all my belongings out of my room and want to mail my key back?
A: After you formally have notified the housing department that you have moved out and removed all your items, you can mail your key back to Residence Life following the specifications listed below. Residence Life is not responsible for returned keys that are lost in the mail:

  • Key must be sent via Certified Mail or FedEx.
  • Key must be placed in a sturdy envelope that cannot be easily damaged by the key inside. It is recommended that you use a bubble mailer/envelope.
  • Key must be mailed to:
    University of Houston-Victoria
    Residence Life
    2705 Houston Hwy.
    Victoria, TX 77901

Q: How are you going to maintain social distancing when so many students are moving out?
A: We will support social distancing by the checkout schedule we have developed. We encourage all students to practice social distancing during this time on campus.

Q: If I remain in campus housing, can I come and go as I want?
A: We encourage residents to practice social distancing and refrain from large gatherings of more than 10 people. We also ask that you have no visitors or overnight guests.

Q: How do I contact my residence hall front desk if I have questions about housing?
A: For general questions, contact the main housing office from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday at 361-485-4404.

Q: Will university staff be on campus to help support students in housing?
A: There will be staff on call to support students and respond to emergencies.

  • Residence halls will have entrance doors locked 24/7. Residents will be able to access their hall by swiping their Paw Pass.
  • Our Residence Life staff will operate out of our Jaguar Hall office to support students. Our Jaguar Hall phone number is 361-485-4404. We are working on a virtual option for students who are away from campus and need information.
  • We will continue to have staff available 24/7 for on-call emergency assistance. If the front desk of your residence hall is closed, please contact our RA on-call phone at 361-485-0569.
  • No equipment check-outs will be available.
  • Report maintenance issues through the Maintenance Request link on the Housing portal.
  • There will not be any residence hall programming.
  • No guests will be permitted.

Q: What about damages and refunds?
A: Once you check out, staff will assess your space for damages. All damages will be billed to your university account. Students who cancel and check out will be provided a refund to their university accounts. All refunds will be processed within 10 business days of checking out.

Q: Will my financial aid change?
A: If you have federal financial aid and withdraw from classes prior to March 28, there could be consequences to your current financial aid package. For financial aid recipients who check out from housing and withdraw from all classes, refunds may take slightly longer as the university must comply with federal regulations to calculate your remaining financial aid eligibility. Please contact Financial Aid if your financial aid package will be affected.

Q: If I have an outstanding conduct case, will I still have to meet with a conduct officer? What happens with my sanctions?
A: Please contact Michael Wilkinson, senior director of student services and judicial affairs, at with questions related to conduct.

Q: How frequently are common areas cleaned?
A: Our staff is cleaning and disinfecting daily. All high-touch areas – such as door handles, faucet handles, flush handles, elevator buttons and drinking fountains – are disinfected a minimum of two times daily.

Q: I am receiving an error message on the myHousing Portal. What should I do?
A: If you are receiving an error message when clicking the myHousing portal that states "I don't have permission to view this page,” please use another browser. We are working to resolve this issue. If the error continues, please contact us at

Q: What are the housing plans for summer and fall?
A: Residence Life is currently open and plans to remain open for both the summer and fall terms. If you’ve not applied for summer or fall and wish to, please log into your myHousing portal and follow the links to apply.