University of Houston-Victoria


Jaguar Incentive Program from UHV Vice President for Student Affairs Jay Lambert

Good Morning Jaguars,

If you haven’t received your vaccine incentive yet, there is still time!

We will continue this incentive for the remainder of the Fall 2021 semester.

All Fall 2021 students who have received either 2 doses of Moderna or the Pfizer Vaccine, or 1 dose of the Johnson and Johnson Vaccine are eligible. Students will be able to choose either $50 in Jag Bucks (to be used at Chic-Fil-A, Jaguar Java & Market, or the Dining Hall), or a $50 credit at the Bookstore. 

If you select “Jag Bucks:” You will need to get a Paw Pass if you do not already have one. Please see the attached Flyer.

If you select the $50 credit at the Bookstore: An e-mail will be sent to regarding your credit.

If you have already received the Covid-19 Vaccine, click here.

If you haven’t, click here to find a Vaccine location near you. Once you receive the required shot, click here

Incentives will be activated ASAP after submission. After submission, if you have not received your incentive after a weeks time, please contact Erika Vermillion at vermillione@uhv.edu.

Jay Lambert, Ed.D.
Vice President for Student Affairs