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UHV Response to Recent Acts of Hate from UHV President Bob Glenn

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff,

As some of you may know, my graduate training is in the area of counseling. As a result, I have been trained to believe that each of us makes choices and then acts in a way that is consistent with those choices. The goal of the counselor is to divine the logic of the choices made by individuals to help them see a way to make different choices. Through the years, I have come to believe that there are some needs that strongly motivate our choices and animate our actions. They may not be absolute truths, but for me, they come close to being that. One of those truths for me is that we are social beings. We have a very strong need to be a part of a social group(s). That is why community is a paramount priority in the decisions I make as president of this institution. I believe strongly that is important to create community and then welcome our students, our faculty and our staff into that community. I have found through the years that the sense of belonging can be an exceptionally restorative and powerful influence for good.

Unfortunately, the flip side of that coin is division – having such strong feelings against another person or people that you not only believe they don’t belong to you but you also believe they shouldn’t be allowed to belong at all. We have seen a great deal of division in recent years based on politics and identity. In the last week, there were horrendous acts of carnage committed by a person in Atlanta, Ga., and these were not the first acts of violence targeting our Asian and Pacific Islander communities. Any such violent acts or harassment based upon beliefs about race and gender are abhorrent to anyone who believes inclusion is important in our community.

I feel compelled to declare in the strongest terms that there is no place in our UHV community for this kind of hate, intolerance and attempts to divide. I want to reassert, as I said when we created the Task Force on Diversity and Race, that UHV is fully committed to diversity, equity and inclusion and will proactively take every action possible to make that clear to all who seek to be a part of our Jaguar Family. Acknowledging our common humanity and exercising respect for one another must be our core belief, and we must continue to put action behind those beliefs. That is what will bind us together and protect us as a community.

In recent months, there has been an aggressive and clear threat presented to those of Asian and Pacific Islander ethnicity. I want to be as clear as I can to our students, faculty and staff of Asian and/or Pacific Islander ethnicity that your UHV family stands with you. You are one of us. You are our people. You are supported; you are valued; and we care deeply about you.

If you are feeling unsafe or need support, the following campus resources are available to you:

Counseling Center

Office of Title IX and Equal Opportunity (to report incidents of harassment or discrimination)

Bob Glenn