University of Houston-Victoria


Remote Working Policies from UHV President Bob Glenn


As we move into Phase 4 of our Reopening Plan, and eventually back to normal with Phase 5, it will be important to note that working on campus will clearly be the preferred and normal manner in which staff fulfill their job duties and responsibilities. There have been a number of questions about whether or not there will be a change in University policy as it relates to working remotely. After more than a year of working remotely, will there be an option for staff to continue working remotely? If there is a case where a staff member believes their position is one where they can work remotely, it will be the responsibility of the staff member to contact his/her supervisor to begin the process. The supervisor must evaluate the duties and responsibilities of the position and determine how the job would be accomplished remotely. The supervisor would then prepare a formal request for consideration to the President for review as required by UHS policy. When I receive a formal request, I will review it with the Executive Committee and render a decision. In the rare event that permission is granted for working remotely, the staff member must remain in the state of Texas (for payroll and tax reasons), and will need to be close enough to come to the campus (Victoria or Katy) when the duties and responsibilities of the position, or the needs of the department so requires. I will rely heavily on how we meet our primary mission, which is to care for our students in every way necessary to guide and support them as they work towards the completion of their degree. The needs of the University and the duties and responsibilities of the position dictate the parameters of each individual situation.

In addition, current policy is sufficient for the University to make exceptions as needed due to a personal health issue. If the issue involves an employee’s health, there are existing policies in our HR Handbook employees may take utilize to request an accommodation.

Having said all of that, I want to conclude by reminding you of something I say frequently. Our greatest asset is our people. As a University, we are nothing without our people. The needs of students are paramount, but they do not keep us from taking care of our faculty and staff in the most direct and compassionate manner possible. We must continue to be patient with one another while we seek the best path forward for taking care of our students, and taking care of you. I appreciate the patience you have already demonstrated. Thankfully, the risk posed by the pandemic appears to be waning, and as it does so we can look forward to being together and working together. Thank you for what you do for the University daily.

Bob Glenn