University of Houston-Victoria


Labor Day Weekend from UHV President Bob Glenn

Dear UHV Faculty, Staff and Students,

I hope your families are safe and the fall semester is going well after the disruption we had last week from Hurricane Laura. I would be remiss if I did not start this short note with an expression of thanks to each of you. We have opened under the most challenging of circumstances and asked that each of you comply with a whole new set of rules and procedures. You have complied with these new regulations because you understand the need for them. Our first two weeks have gone well because of that. I stand in awe of your ability to adapt while always moving forward. This university is a great university precisely because we have a community of great professionals and students who are working toward a common goal. Thank you for all that you do for us every day.

Since this semester certainly has gotten off to a challenging start, I encourage you to take time during the upcoming Labor Day weekend to rest and recharge. I also encourage each of you to keep safety in the front of your minds during the holiday weekend. Careful fun during the holiday weekend will assist the region and UHV as we work to recover from COVID-19.

Our UH Police and Security personnel will continue to be on campus this weekend to help make sure everyone is safe. Please continue to follow UHV’s COVID-19 protocols as you spend time visiting family, enjoying the outdoors and supporting local businesses. This weekend is not the time to be complacent whether you are on or off campus.

In addition, I know that many of you will be leaving town during the Labor Day weekend. If you are traveling around the state, make sure to focus on what are known as the “fatal five” contributors to serious and fatal crashes: speeding, seatbelts, alcohol and drugs, distraction and fatigue.

Have a great weekend, and come back to campus Tuesday safe and sound! I look forward to working with all of you to have another successful fall semester.

Bob Glenn