University of Houston-Victoria


Reopening Plan Update to Faculty and Staff from UHV President Bob Glenn


The UHV Executive Committee continues to review our status related to the university’s reopening plan. The good news is that conditions continue to improve each week, and we appear to be stabilizing. This will mean that we should be able to move from Phase 3 to Phase 4 in the near future.

I want to state plainly about what that will mean for us. I have asked each vice president to meet with the director or supervisor of each unit in his division. Each unit should develop a plan to move to Phase 4 that includes which staff members will be returning to work on campus. In Phase 4, an office can have up to 70 percent of its staff present on campus, which does not mean that 70 percent of the staff has to be there all at once or all of the time. The director or supervisor can arrange for staff to come into the office in shifts. If a staff member can continue to work remotely and fill the needs of the unit, the staff member can continue to work remotely with the approval of the supervisor. If a staff member is directed to return to the office and thinks there is a qualifying reason to be exempted (health, safety, child care, etc.) the staff member should reach out to Human Resources. There are existing policies that cover such a contingency, and Human Resources is the designated office to facilitate these requests.

UHV’s primary mission remains unchanged and that is to provide our students with the best possible educational experience and related support services, but the mission has to be accomplished within the framework of a safe and healthy workplace. We are doing our dead-level best to be faithful to both outcomes. I will once again encourage everyone to be patient with us as we move through this difficult period. I remain confident that better days are ahead and that we will eventually get to Phase 5, a return to normal operations. If you have questions, please work through your chain of command to seek answers.

Bob Glenn