University of Houston-Victoria


Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory Grading Option for Students this Semester from UHV Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs Chance Glenn

Dear Undergraduate Students:

The University of Houston-Victoria recognizes that changes and restrictions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic have created challenges for many of you, interrupting not only your lives, but also your studies. These changes, in turn, have caused a great deal of anxiety, uncertainty and stress.

To help ease these concerns and better allow you to succeed, UHV is implementing an interim grading policy that allows undergraduate students to choose a “Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory” option for each of their courses. Effective immediately and continuing through the summer session(s), students can elect to be graded in one or more classes on a Satisfactory (S) vs. Unsatisfactory (U) basis while being graded in other classes on the traditional A-F scale.

With this option, students must earn the equivalent of a C or better to receive an S. Grades of D and F will convert to U. Courses in which a student has elected this option and earned a grade of S (whether part of the university core, a requirement for a major or an elective) will count toward graduation requirements. Conversely, courses in which a student has received a grade of U will not count toward graduation requirements. Importantly, neither S nor U grades will factor into a student’s GPA.

Students will have until noon on Friday, May 1, to select the S/U option for spring 2020 classes. The electronic form links are available on Blackboard in the Announcements section or on the Registrar and Student Records webpage.

UHV faculty, staff and administrators are committed to our students’ success and collectively will do all that we can to help each of you through these trying times.

FAQs for “Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory” Policy

What does “Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory” mean?

In this system, “Satisfactory” means that you earned a C or above, and “Unsatisfactory” means that you earned a D or an F.

Why is a D included in “Unsatisfactory”?

Many programs require students to earn a C or above in courses to be accepted into their programs, so we have included D in “Unsatisfactory” to account for that requirement.

Why would I choose “Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory”?

“Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory” does not factor into your GPA, but traditional letter grades do.

Why would I not choose “Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory”?

If you intend to apply for graduate school, this system could hurt you by not adding to your GPA.

Will all grades be converted to “Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory”?

No. You will be able to choose whether you wish to have your regular letter grade, an S (satisfactory), or a U (unsatisfactory) recorded.

How do I indicate which grading system I wish to go with?

If you wish to go with your traditional letter grade, do nothing. If you wish to go with the “Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory” option, please fill out the form.

When do I have to decide by?

You have until noon on Friday, May 1 to select S/U for your spring 2020 courses.

Should I tell my professor about my decision?

No. Instructors will report your letter grade to the registrar, and after that, it will be between you and Student Records. Your professor will not know what you have chosen to do.