University of Houston-Victoria


Coronavirus and nondiscrimination statement to international students from UHV President Bob Glenn

Dear Students:

As the COVID-19 coronavirus continues to be an issue around the world, I want to reach out to you and address some concerns that have been expressed in recent days.

I am writing this email to all international students after hearing troubling news regarding reports in other states about discrimination, harassment, stereotyping or bullying directed toward people from China, people perceived to be Chinese, or people of East or South Asian descent.

As a U.S. higher education institution, we want to ensure that students are provided with a healthy, safe campus to study and learn free from bias and discrimination. Discrimination comes in many forms, ranging from physical or verbal abuse to other forms of negative treatment based on bias or misunderstandings about cultural traditions. Discrimination is based on a person's protected class, which can include race, color, national origin and other personal identities. Discrimination and harassment are practices that will not be tolerated in any form by UHV.

If you have been bullied, discriminated against or harassed due to fear of the COVID-19 coronavirus, I strongly recommend that you contact Rebecca Lake, senior director for equal access, at laker@uhv.edu or 361-570-4835. We are here for you.

Bob Glenn

Robert K. Glenn, Ph.D.