University of Houston-Victoria


Masking Wearing and Flexibility from UHV President Bob Glenn


This afternoon, the UHV Executive Committee discussed whether we should step back from phase two to phase one of our reopening plan based on the current trend in the region’s COVID-19 cases. The consensus was to remain at phase two but with two significant caveats.

The first is to reemphasize the requirement to wear masks in all public areas of UHV and UHV Katy at all times. The expectation is that if you are outside of a private office, you will be wearing a mask. In addition, the Executive Committee is extending flexibility to each unit director to be able to decide to become more restrictive if he or she thinks it best serves the staff of that unit. In other words, if a director thinks that the work can be done remotely, the director can so order. We easily can deal with fewer people on campus but not more. Any staff member who has concerns can work with his or her supervisor to make the best decision.

We also now have more information on the university’s COVID-19 website about face coverings. This includes a Face Covering FAQ that will provide answers to questions you may have.

We will continue to monitor the situation in our region. As always, I appreciate what you do for UHV every day. Thank you for your work.

Bob Glenn