University of Houston-Victoria


Phased Reopening Update for Employees from UHV President Bob Glenn


The UHV Executive Committee met again today and discussed our current posture within the framework of our phased reopening plan. We are encouraged by the downtrend in COVID-19 cases within the last few days. We still think that remaining at Phase 2 until Aug. 10 is our best course of action. If cases continue to decrease during the next week, we will be in a better position to consider what to do from Aug. 10 onward. But until then, we will remain at Phase 2. Please note that decisions will be announced for the Victoria campus and the UHV Katy instructional site. Local conditions affecting each location will determine the best course of action. It is possible that the Victoria campus and UHV Katy may have to operate in different phases because of differing conditions.

We are aware that the recent announcement by VISD to delay face-to-face instruction until sometime after Labor Day will impact both faculty and staff with school-aged children. If child care will impact your return to work on campus, please contact your supervisor now so that plans can be made. Advanced knowledge of this constraint on your ability to return will enable us to provide the greatest flexibility in moving forward. As we have said before, we will not require employees to make choices that place them in an untenable position regarding their health or the health of their families. We are committed to taking care of our most important resource, our people.

Plans for University West remain the same. The building is scheduled to open on Aug. 3.If your office is in this building, please contact your supervisor about returning to work in your office.

Please continue to be patient with us as we chart a course forward. As always, feel free to contact me directly with questions or concerns. Thank you for what each of you does every day to support the work of the university.

Bob Glenn