University of Houston-Victoria


A Word of Thanks from UHV President Bob Glenn


I am writing today to express my thanks and appreciation for all that has been accomplished during the last few weeks. We have had quite the “one, two, punch!” First, there was the COVID-19 virus, and then the fire took out University West.

The juxtaposition of these two events has amplified the impact of each. But that is not what is remarkable. What is remarkable is that each of you found a way to keep on taking care of our students. While every student has his or her own issues with the current situation, one thing each of them did not have to worry about was being told we couldn’t help. This was because you were not about to let them down.

If I tried to list all the great things that have happened, it would take days. I would be remiss, however, if I didn’t take note particularly of our outstanding fire and security services, led by Stuart Sherman and Travis Gundelach, and the exceptional folks in Facilities Services, led by John Burke. The work they have done in response to the fire in University West has been outstanding. I would also like to take special note of the “Can Do Crew” in Information Technology, who each has gone the extra mile to make sure that every computer and technology challenge was met and mastered. Our professional staff in the residence halls have all surmounted the test to take care of our residential students who had no place else to go. Human Resources has done an admiral job of making sure the transition to working remotely has gone as smoothly as it could. I want to give special appreciation to Bev Hoerig for all her efforts to support faculty as we switched gears to fully online classes and to all our faculty members for their ability and willingness to smoothly transition online. Finally, I want to share good news from Jesse Pisors, who reports that the response to the special campaign to secure emergency funds for students has gone beyond his most optimistic goals. All of this reflects the unerring dedication of the people of this university to care about our students.

I often note that we are in the “People Business!” In my view, UHV is an excellent university in every way excellence can be measured. But clearly, our greatest asset is our faculty and staff, people who care about people. I do not think I could be prouder of each of you. And, I know I could not be more grateful to have the opportunity to serve along with you. I appreciate what each of you do every day for our students. Thank you for being who you are. 

The future we face will be difficult. There are challenging financial implications for what has happened to us and will happen because of all of this. But I do not fear the future because I know that each of you will continue to do your part and will do it with dedication and enthusiasm. Together we will beat the odds and come out stronger, together. Thank you, again!

Bob Glenn