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Course Evaluations

FAQ about course evaluations

Course Evaluations are your opportunity to give feedback to your instructors and programs about the quality of your classes.

When will the evaluation be open?

The evaluations are typically open during the final quarter of the course, ending just before the final exam period starts. The evaluation period is not the same for all courses.

How do I get to the evaluation?

You will receive an email to your UHV account with a link to the evaluation. You may use almost any internet device, such as a computer, a smart phone, an iPad, or any other tablet. If your instructor is using Blackboard for the class, you may access the evaluation through your Blackboard class site.

How do I get to the evaluations for my other classes?

You will get a separate email for every course that you are enrolled in. If you want to see all the evaluations at the same time, log into Blackboard (https://elearning.uhv.edu/) using your usual ID and password and look in the Notifications area. How many reminders will I get? You will receive an email reminder every few days until you take the evaluation or until the evaluation closes. As soon as you take it, the computer will stop sending you reminders.

Can I fill out the evaluation in class instead of online?

UHV will not distribute paper evaluations for you to fill out in class. Please use this electronic evaluation to give feedback about all of your classes, both face-to-face and online. You can access evaluations for any course by checking your UHV email or the Notifications area in Blackboard, even if your instructor is not using Blackboard in class.

Who will see what I wrote?

The evaluations are complete anonymous. Your instructor and a very small number of administrators will see your answers. Nobody will ever see your name, your ID number or any other information that tells who you are, unless you identify yourself in the comments section.

What if I want to go back into my evaluation and change an answer?

Because the evaluations are anonymous, we have no way to find and cancel your finished or half-finished evaluation. If you close your evaluation before you are done, or if a computer error causes the evaluation to close, there is nothing we can do about it. Revised by OIE September 2013

If I write something mean about my instructor, will my grade be lowered?

Your instructor won’t be able to see the results of the survey until after final grades are turned in, and the results may look like this for each question:

example question


or like this (this is a small section of results of two classes, with the class identifiers changed):

Course ID

number of responses

average question 1

average question 2

average question 3

average question 4

ENGL 1399 section 1






ENGL 1399 section 2






There is no way the instructor can lower anyone’s grade based on the evaluations, and the instructor can’t tell which answers you gave, unless you identify yourself in the comments section.

Who cares anyway?

Your feedback is used for two important purposes. First, instructors use your feedback to make changes to how they run the course. Second, the program director may use your feedback to evaluate your instructor. The results from these evaluations help administrators make decisions about which instructors to give new contracts to, or raises, or promotions.


If you have a question or concern about the evaluation process, please send an email to CourseEvalQuestions@uhv.edu.

If you have a concern about a class, a UHV instructor or staff member, another student, or a policy, fill out the Student Problem-Solving Form.