University of Houston-Victoria


Student Insurance

The Student Health Insurance Plan is endorsed by and designed especially for the University of Houston-Victoria and meets the current requirements of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Coverage Periods: Spring/Summer, Summer, or Fall 

Summer 2018 - 2019 Enrollment Information:

Summer 18/19 Open enrollment period is 05/01/19 - 07/17/19

2019 - 2020 Enrollment Information:

Annual/Fall Open enrollment period is 07/05/19 - 09/28/19

     (Annual Installment Enrollment Option ends 09/27/19)

Spring/Summer Open enrollment period is 11/14/19 - 02/21/20

     (Spring Installment Enrollment Option ends 02/21/20)

Summer Open enrollment period is 05/01/20 - 07/17/20


Domestic students (US citizens or permanent residents, or permanent resident pending) enrolled in at least six (6) credit hours during the Fall and Spring semesters, or three (3) credit hours during summer semester are eligible to purchase the University endorsed policy. Domestic students may enroll in the UHV endorsed Student Health Insurance Plan during the enrollment period specified on the insurance provider website. Domestic students may make payment for coverage directly to the health insurance provider, and will not be charged through tuition payments at UHV. Check the provider website for enrollment period dates.

International Students (F-1 student visa holders) who enroll in any credit hours will be automatically enrolled and charged for health insurance each semester to satisfy the University policy regarding maintaining acceptable health insurance coverage. The plan for international students will include repatriation and evacuation coverage in addition to the coverage offered to domestic students. The cost for insurance will be listed on the international student’s fee statement and must be paid for separately from any applied loan amounts. International students may request a waiver for this fee based on proof of other health insurance that meets UH System requirements for acceptable health insurance coverage. For additional information, go to Health Insurance for International Students.‌