University of Houston-Victoria

Institutional Compliance

October 28, 2015 Minutes

Meeting Minutes for 2015 ~ Quarterly Meeting
Wednesday, October 28, 2015 (2:00-3:00 pm)
UW Conference Room A

Minutes approved by committee on January 27, 2016.

Committee members in attendance: Tim Michalski, Dr. Sharon Bailey, Dr. Yong Glasure, Brandon Lee, Carolyn Mallory, Kevin Myers, Jesse Pisors, Laura Smith, Eric Mims, Val Walden, Trudy Wortham and Susie Motal.

Committee members absent: Dr. Teresa LeSage Clements, Genaro Cortez, Angela Hartmann Dr. Dimitri Sobolev, Michael Wilkinson, Denee Thomas, and Ashley Walyuchow.


The meeting was called to order by Tim Michalski, UHV Compliance Officer and committee chair at 2:00pm.


Minutes from the September 9th meeting were previously approved and posted to the website.

Committee reviewed the handout on the UHV quarterly report ending September 30th report is also posted on the website.

Tim recently attended the October 14th UHS Compliance Committee meeting.

V. Round Table
(Each committee member is invited to comment on any other compliance, fraud, training or other issues and activities either related to institutional compliance or of general interest to the group).

Tim reported he is on campus committee to set up the campus carry policy. The committee met last week and will look at areas to limit to access. There will be three (3) town hall meetings within 30 days. The website will be open soon, with the release of a survey to all UHV and students. UH has developed a website with their survey and UHV is tweaking for our campus to roll out in about a week. Students, staff and faculty groups will have town hall meetings with public comment. The UH main campus has a rough draft of their policy so we can utilize/adapt for UHV. Dorms feel like natural place to exempt but if you are prohibiting a person from carrying about 1/3 of time then you are limiting too much. Subject to legislative review for approval. Anticipate a few percentage of students to carry since the individual must be 21 to obtain a license. If you don’t have a need to carry and if you do responsibility and liability stays with the license holder. Required by the Fall 2016 to come up with the policy. Rules follow the ownership of the
property. Library and student center will fall under VC which has an additional year to come up with their policy. There will be opportunities to comment on the survey or at the public Town Hall meetings. If you have area to be exempted, then you must make a good case.

Val Walden, Comptroller, Finance Office - mentioned after the departments recent audit they have decided not to do separate training but will include with their next Finance training.

Carolyn Mallory, Director of Financial aid – reported the consumer information page has been updated and department should verify their information is correct. The page can be located under the current student website and through the Financial Aid page also. Carolyn will send reminder to all offices with links on this page to review.

Sharon Bailey, Director of Institutional Effectiveness – reported the law for UHV to operate in other states might be simplified after the approved Texas Coordinating Board Reciprocal Agreement for up to 30 states. After approval, then UHV can join the agreement to help with admission requirements. Operating in the state where there is no physical presence, having a student or a building as defined. With the Reciprocal Agreement the internship doesn’t define a presence.

Trudy Wortham, Registrar reported she is in the process of doing annual security audit, review and return indicating any changes to the staff access. Student records taking on large project redesign security roles to have access as needed. Committees from each campus will be going through their security roles. It is noted terminating employees are auto dropped from their access upon terminating ePAR.

Eric Mims, Tech Services reported data will be classified according to different levels. Level 1 data most of us dealing with. Level 1 will consist of PIA documents and available with the freedom of information act. Level 2 provides same protection under the freedom act and can’t be released, includes professor research, etc. Level 3 consists of public data which is available on the website etc.


Being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 3:00 pm. Next scheduled meeting is Wednesday, January 27, 2016 from 2-3 pm in University West Conference Room A. A calendar invitation will be sent to the committee members.

Respectively submitted by:
Susie Motal