University of Houston-Victoria

Institutional Compliance

April 27, 2016 Minutes

Institutional Compliance Committee
Meeting Minutes for 2016 ~ Quarterly Meeting
Wednesday, April 27, 2016 (2:00-3:00 pm)
UW Conference Room A


Committee members in attendance: Tim Michalski, Sharon Bailey, John Burke, Yong Glasure, Carolyn Mallory, Teresa Le-Sage Clements, Eric Mims, Jesse Pisors, Stuart Sherman, Dmitri Sobolev, Val Walden, Trudy Wortham, and Susie Motal.

Committee members absent: Laura Smith, Brandon Lee, Denee Thomas, Ashley Walyuchow, and Michael Wilkinson.

The meeting was called to order by Tim Michalski, UHV Compliance Officer and committee chair at 2:05 pm.

Tim introduced new members – John Burke, Facilities Director and Stuart Sherman, Campus Emergency, Safety & Risk Manager. The committee introduced themselves to the new members.

Sharon Bailey, Office of Institutional Effectiveness – suggested the addition of Ludmi Hearth, Director of International Programs and Dr. Cindy Hudson, Director of Nursing to the committee.

Quarterly Meeting Notes and Reports

The committee reviewed:

  • Institutional  Compliance  mission  statement  denoting  the  functions  of  the  members  to  develop compliance within their department in regards to rules and regulations.
  • Minutes of the January 27th meeting, previously approved by committee.
  • UHV Quarterly report and the UHS Executive Summary Report for period ending March 31.

Tim and Stuart attended the UHS Compliance Committee meeting in Houston on April 6th no big issues to report, discussion on HR issues with changing laws and rules.

Compliance Related Activities
Eric Mims, Tech Services – reported the TAC 202 Audit preliminary results which governs technology and IT stuff, and the storage of digital student records on computers is covered under TAC 202. ISO (Eric Mims) some findings needed address making progress due to changes of law and noted working on it.  Dedicated disaster recovery and behind on polices / procedures.   All comments on finding didn’t surprise Eric risk assessment completed in 2015. Survey from networking to make sure we are in compliance of what is being stored on computer. Most confidential security sensitive information needs to be kept secure.


Being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 2:35 pm. Next scheduled meeting is Wednesday, July 27, 2016 from 2-3 pm in University West Conference Room A. A calendar invitation will be sent to the committee members.


Respectively submitted by: Susie Motal