University of Houston-Victoria

Institutional Compliance

January 28, 2015 Minutes

Meeting Minutes for 2015 ~ Quarterly Meeting
Wednesday, January 28, 2015 (2:00-3:00 pm)
UW Conference Room A

Committee members in attendance: Tim Michalski, Susie Motal, Angela Hartmann, Dr. Sharon Bailey, Dr. Teresa LeSage Clements, Carolyn Mallory, Greg Rutzen, Denee Thomas, Val Walden, Laura Smith, Brandon Lee, Eric Mims, Dr. Dmitri Sobolev and Trudy Wortham.

Committee members absent: Dakota Doman, Genaro Cortez, Kevin Myers, Dr. Yong Glasure, Dr. Eugenia Blomstrom and Ashley Walyuchow.


The meeting was called to order by Tim Michalski, UHV Compliance Officer and committee chair at 2:00pm.


The minutes from the October 22nd meeting were reviewed and previously approved by the committee and posted to the compliance website.

Tim attended the UHS compliance officer’s meeting January 7th in Houston he reported the comments on TRAM HR payroll system updates. Good meeting and waiting on the meeting notes.

The committee reviewed a copy of the UHV Campus Quarterly report and is posted on the Institutional Compliance website. The report was incorporated into the UHS Executive Summary Report ending December 31st and will be posted upon receipt from Don Guyton’s office.

Round Table
Brandon Lee, Residence Life – reported things going well students well behaved and a good group this semester.

Laura Smith, Human Resources – nothing to report related to compliance. Just a note, non-exempt hourly employees will no longer use rounding in TRAM. The department is involved with ongoing Title IX training.

Dmitri Sobolev, Biology Lab – reported he finished inventory of chemicals and updated MSDS book.

Angela Hartmann, Research Administration – reported the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) combines’ circulars into one with an effective date of 12/26/14. All new awards past this date will see minor purchasing changes.

Greg Rutzen, University Advancement - UA completed the annual endowment reports to all donors; and generated an endowment performance of the fund income which were distributed prior to the February due date.

Denee Thomas, Office of Admissions & Student Recruitment – noted recruiting of undergraduates is now in Enrollment Management and Student Affairs division, under Billy Lagal.

Eric Mims, Technology Services – reported the backup generator failed and big thanks go to Facilities Services for their prompt action in obtaining an emergency generator. As part of the agreement with LEARN for the delivery of network capability for our clients we must have a generator on site. Also noted that 20 people clicked on the infected “fax email” before IT could act and caused serious implications for the IT staff. Eric noted there is free antivirus for home computers AVG and Microsoft Security essentials.

Trudy Wortham, Registrar & Student Records – Office of Internal Audit is auditing the formula on funding for entrance counseling semester credit hours; SON transition meeting weekly with UH. Also reported, attending Red River conference meetings on athletic compliance related, etc.

Val Walden, Finance Office – reported finishing up with the Annual Financial Report.

Carolyn Mallory, Financial Aid; Sharon Bailey, Office of Institutional Effectiveness; and Teresa LeSage Clements, School of Education - noted no compliance related issues to report.


Being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 2:30 pm. Next scheduled meeting is Wednesday, April 29 from 2-3 pm in UW Conference Room A.

Respectively submitted by:
Susie Motal