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China - Program Highlights


  1. The purpose is to build leadership and management capabilities in students to become more valuable and competitive in the dynamic business world;
  2. This is the second cohort of UHV Study Abroad students to Mainland China; this program is one of the treasures of UHV, and has a great impact in both US and China.
  3. Strong faculty team: There are six “heavy-duty” lecturers for the program: a School of Government dean, a Business School dean, a chairman/CEO of a very well-known private firm in China, and three senior experienced professors (one from the US and two famous professors from China);
  4. Cultural visits: These are needed for correctly understanding the Chinese culture and history: Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Great Wall, Confucius’ Hometown, and Mountain Tai;
  5. Business visit: A site visit to Sanzhu Industries as guests of the company Chairman.
  6. Low fee: The estimated cost for the program (four days in Beijing and 10 days in a holiday resort in Jinan City, home to Chinese culture and Confucius) is $3,500/person, but UHV students will only pay $1,000/person after a scholarship provided by Chairman Wu. Most meals and transportation within China are included in the program fee. The textbook is also provided by Chairman Wu, with a $140 value;
  7. Chairman Wu with more than 50 years of hard and successful work experience and the author of the course textbook will be one of the major professors of leadership in theory and practice for this class. The book used for the program is not like any of the traditional textbooks. 
  8. Assessments and tools: There are more than 16 assessment instruments and 10 leadership tools for evaluations and applications in different situations about leadership skills, apart from short and applapplication-drivendings.  Students will have a lot of hands-on experience in business consulting and practice.
  9. Student mix: UHV business school students will be mixed with the students from CUFE School of Government, one of the four in China for future country leaders.  This is the best opportunity to build a social network and exchange ideas, which will be a fantastic chance to cultivate cultural understanding at a very high level for future jobs and promotions and to create a competitive advantage for our students over other candidates.

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