University of Houston-Victoria



Health Care Administration (HCAD)

HCAD 4351:    Quality Assessment for Patient Care Improvement

Cr .3. (3-3-0).
The concept of Quality and the process of Quality Assessment and Improvement across the health Care continuum.  Focus on the history and evolution of quality, its terms, principles, theories, and practices; methods of assessing and improving the quality of care and caring in healthcare delivery systems; review changes implemented by health care systems in America.

HCAD 4352:    Healthcare Information Systems Management

Cr .3. (3-3-0).
An introduction to practices developed for the management of electronic healthcare records and information mobility. Emphasis placed on the impact of technology on patient care and how new uses for technology are designed and implemented.  Includes techniques used for problem solving with information technology; basics of information representation; relational databases; system design; propositional logic.

HCAD 4353:    Human Resource Management

Cr .3. (3-3-0).   Prerequisite(s): MGMT 3303 (Cross-listed with MGMT 4311.)
A survey of human resource management (HRM) activities within the organization.  Topics include the functional areas of HRM as integrated components of business strategy, HR planning, recruitment, selection, and diversity, jobs analysis and design, training and development, employee and labor relations, compensation, and the legal framework for the practice or HRM. 

HCAD 4354:    Economics for Healthcare

Cr .3. (3-3-0).
This course is designed to foster a student’s understanding of the economic principles that drive the demand for and supply of medical care in the United States.  After completing this course, the student should be adept at deducing the logic behind decisions made by physicians, hospitals, managed care organizations, and government as well as the choices made by consumers on individual aggregate levels.

HCAD 4355:    Organizational Change

Cr .3. (3-3-0). Prerequisite(s):  MGMT 3303 (Cross-listed with MGMT 4325.)
Examines theories, concepts, skills, and practices concerning organizational development and change.  Topics include the nature of planned changes, diagnosing organizations, collecting and analyzing diagnostic information, feeding back diagnostic information, designing interventions, and leading, managing and evaluating organizational change. 

HCAD 4356:    Strategic Healthcare Management & Planning

Cr .3. (3-3-0).
Designed to give students an opportunity to develop conceptual skills needed to plan, develop, and effectively execute strategy in health and managed care organizations.  Emphasis on development of organizational strategy in health care institutions and emergency programs; strategic planning process; formulation of objectives and policies; execution of the strategy process in the health care industry; overcoming the challenge of strategy failure in managed care organizations.

HCAD 4361:    Healthcare Delivery Systems & Organization

Cr .3. (3-3-0).
Provides foundational overviews of U.S. nursing and health care delivery systems including unit level healthcare models, delivery systems of care, complexity theory and managing change.  

HCAD 4362:    Healthcare Informatics

Cr .3. (3-3-0).
Provides foundational overviews of health informatics, information technology systems and healthcare technologies.  Examines utilization of health information and technologies for best patient care outcomes.  

HCAD 4364:    Healthcare Finance

Cr .3. (3-3-0).
Examines healthcare policy, resource allocations, healthcare finance and socioeconomic principles to manage patient care.  Student will learn to develop budgets for best patient care practices.