University of Houston-Victoria



Art (ARTS)

ARTS 1312:    Creativity and the Fine Arts
Cr. 3. (3-3-0).  
Students will build appreciation and understanding of the visual and performing arts by critiquing and designing arts experiences, particularly for children and adolescents.

ARTS 1316:     Introduction to Drawing
Cr. 3. (3-3-0). 
Introduction to visual learning and art through the practice of skills and techniques in drawing fundamentals.  Former course title: Drawing I.

ARTS 2316:    Introduction to Painting
Cr. 3. (3-3-0). 
Introduction to fundamentals of painting techniques, concepts, and materials within the framework of art history.  Former course title:  Painting I

ARTS 2346:    Ceramics I
Cr. 3.0 (3-3-0).  Prerequisite(s):  Consent of Department Chair
Beginning instruction in basic techniques of hand-built and wheel-thrown ceramic construction, glazing, and firing.

ARTS 2347:    Ceramics II
Cr. 3.0 (3-3-0). Prerequisite(s): Grade of "D" or higher in ARTS 2346 and Department Chair consent.
A continuation of Ceramics I with additional instruction and advanced work in ceramics processes and concepts.

ARTS 3310:     Advanced Drawing
Cr. 3. (3-3-0). Prerequisite(s): ARTS 1316.
Advanced drawing course that expands on skills learned in Introduction to Drawing.  Examines in greater detail the nature processes and purposes of drawing.

ARTS 3311:     Advanced Painting
Cr. 3. (3-3-0). Prerequisite(s): ARTS 2316.
Building from the foundation of Introduction to Painting, this course emphasizes new painting techniques and concepts to further the artist's personal style and expression.

ARTS 3312:     Book Arts
Cr. 3. (3-3-0). Prerequisite(s): ENGL 1302
Studies in Book Making.  Includes traditional and experimental practices in book arts and artist's books.

ARTS 3322:     Advanced Design
Cr. 3. (3-3-0).
In a studio based class with collaborative atmosphere, students expand upon their skills to develop ideas for and execute visual/verbal narratives.  Cross-listed with DSGN 3322.

ARTS 3323:     Letterpress
Cr. 3. (3-3-0).  Prerequisite(s):  Sophomore standing.
Undergraduate course in principles of letterpress and relief printing, using the Vandercook Printing Presses, including aspects of form/content relationships, design, and studio art practices.  A key book arts course.  Cross-listed with DSGN 3323.

ARTS 3324:     Book Structures
Cr. 3. (3-3-0). Prerequisite(s):  Sophomore standing.
An undergraduate course in basic bookbinding, including for small press books, artist’s books, and other books produced with traditional and alternative hand bookbinding practices.  Cross-listed with DSGN 3324.

ARTS 4300:    Selected Topics
Cr. 3. (3-3-0). Prerequisite(s): ENGL 1302
May be repeated when topics vary.

ARTS 4302:    Independent Study
Cr. 3. (3-3-0). Prerequisite(s): Instructor Approval.
Building on the foundation of other ARTS courses, this course gives focus to independent explorative creative work with instructor guidance.

ARTS 4310:    Art History--Art Before Impressionism
Cr. 3. (3-3-0). Prerequisite(s): ENGL 130.
Examines works of art as the embodiment of cultural, social, and political values from ancient civilizations of the West until the late 19th century.

ARTS 4311:    Art History--Modern Art
Cr. 3. (3-3-0). Prerequisite(s): ENGL 1302
This course surveys aspects of Art History from the modern period by covering artwork, artists and art movements from the 19th century through the present.

ARTS 4316:    Visual Communication
Cr. 3. (3-3-0). 
Explores the process of creating, controlling and communicating an image in a variety of enterprise settings, including advertising, public relations and political and social discourse.  Cross-listed with COMM 4316, DSGN 4316.

ARTS 4317:    Art for Gaming
Cr. 3. (3-3-0). Prerequisite(s): GMNG 3310
Study of 3D animation, lighting, shading, texture, digital sound, and other building blocks to produce 3D animation using modeling, entering, animation and outputting software.  Application to digital games and simulations training models.  Cross-listed with GMNG 4317.

ARTS 4360:    Senior Portfolio
Cr. 3.0 (3-3-0). Prerequisite(s): Permission of instructor and Senior status.
Students will create and present a portfolio that represents the best of their creativity inquiry in art practice (drawing, painting, ceramics, bookarts, etc.), history studies, or equivalent.