University of Houston-Victoria



Critical Theory (CRTH) - Graduate

CRTH 6300: Selected Topics
Cr. 3. (3-3-0). 
May be repeated when topics vary.

CRTH 6315: Cultural Studies
Cr. 3. (3-3-0). 
An interdisciplinary study of the main problems linking culture and society.  Cross-listed with INDS 6315.

CRTH 6316: Critical Theory
Cr. 3. (3-3-0). 
This course will develop critical thinking skills and introduce students to critical theories and methodologies that cross disciplinary lines with special attention to social justice and social formation.  Cross-listed with INDS 6316.

CRTH 6317: Literary Theory
Cr. 3. (3-3-0). 
In-depth analysis of literary theory and criticism and its application to literature.  Cross-listed with INDS 6317.

CRTH 6318: Media Studies
Cr. 3. (3-3-0). 
Explores media theories and their application to better engage the relationship between media, culture, technology, and social change.  Cross-listed with COMM 6340.