University of Houston-Victoria



Adult Higher Education (AHED)

AHED 6110: Professional Coaching – Best Practices
Cr. 1.  (1-1-0). 
Experiential learning and guided professional development with education-transformative models of emotional intelligence.  Conference participation, research review, evaluation of best practices strategies for teaching, learning, and coaching.

AHED 6300: Selected Topics in AHED
Cr. 3. (3-3-0).
This course is designed for engaging in a topic of current or critical importance that arises in the field of adult and/or higher education.

AHED 6302: Individual Study in AHED
Cr. 3. (3-3-0).
This course is designed to allow students to engage in individual research or collaboration of a substantive nature with their faculty, program chair, or advisor. No more than 6 credit of individual study can be used toward the degree. Approval of advisor and School Dean is required.

AHED 6305: Internship in AHED
Cr. 3. (3-3-0).
The internship will provide students who have no background in adult or higher education, or those who would like to gain experience in another area of interest to explore those areas and gain valuable firsthand experience in the field.

AHED 6331: Program Planning and Development in AHED
Cr. 3. (3-3-0).
This course presents an overview of designing, presenting, and evaluating programs in adult and higher education.

AHED 6332: Adult Development
Cr. 3. (3-3-0).
This course combines lectures, resources and communicative power of the internet to create a learning community where students and instructor interact to explore, articulate, and learn about the developing adult at three stages: early adulthood, middle adulthood and late adulthood.

AHED 6333: The Adult Learner
Cr. 3. (3-3-0).
This course will include but is not limited to material about learning theories in Adult Education, models, and principles and their application to the instructional process with adults.

AHED 6334:     Foundations of Adult Education
Cr. 3. (3-3-0).
This is an overview course designed to give participants an understanding of the field of practice in adult education.  

AHED 6335: Diversity in Adult Education
Cr. 3. (3-3-0).
This course entails an analysis of diversity in adult education contexts. Various psychosocial developmental factors of diverse identity groups and the influence of these variables on adult education will be studied.

AHED 6336:     Continuing Professional Education
Cr. 3. (3-3-0).
This course will provide a description, explanation and critique of the goals, processes, outcomes, and issues related to the continuing education of professionals. An exploration of the design, development and administration of these programs and activities for various  professions will be undertaken.

AHED 6337: College Teaching
Cr. 3. (3-3-0).
Study of research, theory, and practices associated with teaching and learning processes within the college system. Topics include course planning and organization, student diversity, teaching and student retention, and instructional technology.

AHED 6338: Research in Adult and Higher Education
Cr. 3. (3-3-0).
This course is designed to provide students with an understanding of the research process and the ethical context within which research is conducted and provides basic skills needed to conduct and interpret qualitative and quantitative research on topics relevant to adult and higher education.

AHED 6339: Self-Directed Learning / Professional Education
Cr. 3. (3-3-0).
This course explores the adult education sub-disciplines of self-directed learning and continuing professional education.  Discussion of non-formal learning, developing engaging activities and, administering effective programs.

AHED 6342: The American Community College
Cr. 3. (3-3-0).
A comprehensive description of American community colleges, which includes recent state-level directives regarding functioning and funding.

AHED 6344: The College Student
Cr. 3. (3-3-0).
A study of the characteristics and needs of college students including student subcultures that affect the campus environment and the services required for student success.

AHED 6346: Introduction to Student Services
Cr. 3. (3-3-0).
This is a comprehensive study of critical issues and trends in higher education student services as reflected in current research.

AHED 6353: Ed. Leadership in Organizations
Cr. 3. (3-3-0).  
This course will investigate issues or leadership roles in organizational performance, and how theoretical conceptions of leadership have changed over time. Through readings and research, the course will examine the nature of effective leadership and how it is evaluated.

AHED 6354: Higher Education Finance
Cr. 3. (3-3-0).
This course is designed to provide a working knowledge of the economic, finance, and policy context of the U.S. higher education system. It is also intended to introduce prospective college and university administrators to issues and practices related to higher education budgeting.

AHED 6355:     Higher Education History
Cr. 3. (3-3-0)
This course's purpose is to provide an in-depth overview of the philosophic, political, social, and economic forces that have influenced higher education from the colonial period to the present, while simultaneously exploring how these forces relate to issues and challenges in contemporary higher education.

AHED 6356:     IT Trends and Issues in AHED
Cr. 3. (3-3-0).
This course will address the imperative that modern education administrators be skilled in assessing IT's role in managing operations, products, and services for students, faculty and staff by examining the current issues and trends in the field.

AHED 6360: Professional Coaching I: Theory and Practice
Cr. 3. (3-3-0).
An overview of professional coaching:  History and development of coaching; coaching as distinct from other professions; benefits of coaching for individuals and organizations; core competencies.

AHED 6361: Professional Coaching II: The Coaching Relationship and Positive Change
Cr. 3. (3-3-0).
Overview and analysis of learning conditions and skills for establishing the coaching relationship.  Teaching and experiential methods for purposeful behavioral development and positive change will be discussed.

AHED 6362: Professional Coaching III: Strategies and Skills
Cr. 3. (3-3-0).
Research-derived models of excellence and coaching strategies and skills for executive and leadership development; academic and career performance; personal growth-change-wellbeing-wellness.