University of Houston-Victoria



Explanation of Tuition and Fees

Policies governing the payment of refund of tuition, fees, and other charges are approved by the Board of Regents of the University of Houston System and comply with applicable state statutes.  Tuition and fees are subject to change by university or legislative action and become effective on the date enacted.  For clarification of any matter relating to the payment or refund of charges, a student should contact the Student Billing Office.   

A student is not registered or entitled to attend classes, participate in class-related activities, or use university facilities and services until his or her tuition bill is paid in full, initiated an installment pay plan, or has accepted a tuition loan.  A student who has an outstanding debt to the university may not register until the debt is paid.   

Undergraduate Tuition – Texas Resident:  Tuition for resident undergraduate courses is $197.62 per semester credit hour.

Graduate Tuition – Texas Resident:  Tuition for resident graduate courses is $332.87 per semester credit hour.

Undergraduate Tuition – Non-Resident/International:  Tuition for undergraduate students who are non-Texas residents and citizens of any country other than the United States is $612.62 per semester credit hour. 

Graduate Tuition – Non-Resident/International:  Tuition for graduate students who are non-Texas residents and citizens of any country other than the United States is $747.87 per semester credit hour. 

Student Service Fee:  $46.50 per semester credit hour/ maximum $279.  A compulsory fee, charged to all students  which provides funding for student service activities that are apart from the regularly scheduled academic functions.  The fee defrays the costs of transcripts, graduation applications, student advising, career planning and placement, job fairs, student government and student organizations, student financial aid operations, student publications and other activities that benefit students. 

Nursing Program Course Fee:  $24 per course for Nursing courses in the RN-BSN program.  Fees offset special needs of the Nursing program, including skills testing, uniforms, malpractice insurance, Nursing program pin, pinning ceremony, skills lab and equipment, program evaluation, Practice Learning Experience (PLE) site supervision and visits.

Student Center Fee:  This fee is assessed to students residing within a 50 mile radius of the Victoria campus for the sole purpose for financing, constructing, operating, maintaining, and improving a student center; $150 per student during a fall or spring semester; $100 per student during a summer session of 10 weeks or longer; $50 per student during a summer session of more than five weeks but less than 10 weeks.

International Student Service Fee:  $50 per term.  A fee charged to international students (student who is not a US citizen or legal permanent resident) to offset administrative costs for international admission assistance, international education credential evaluation, advising, assisting students with USCIS processes and SEVIS reporting.

Student Teaching Fee:  $15 per course/maximum $45.  A course specific fee to defray costs associated with student teaching supervision. 

Graduate Business Fee:  $75 per semester credit hour for graduate business courses only.  Fee offsets special needs of the graduate business program, including skills assessment, orientation, electronic research data bases, and software acquisitions. 

MS Publishing Course Fee:  $40 per semester credit hour for Publishing courses.  Fee offsets the cost of materials, supplies, and equipment for publishing and technological changes. 

Library Fee:  $8 per semester credit hour.  This fee is assessed to all students in order to increase the library’s ability to provide essential information resources, technology, and services. 

Reinstatement Fee:  A $50 fee charged to students requesting reinstatement of a cancelled registration for failing to pay tuition and fees by the payment due date.  This fee offsets administrative costs for reinstatements and is non-refundable.

Extended Access and Support Fee: $30 per semester credit hour.  A compulsory fee charged to all students to provide the support needed to ensure quality delivery of off-campus and electronically delivered instruction and services. 

Electronic Payment Card Processing Fee:  A processing fee will be assessed for electronic credit and debit card tuition and fee payments made online.  The monies collected will be used to offset the costs of providing convenient electronic payment options to those who make use of the services.   The fee is calculated as a percentage of the total amount paid.    

Athletic Fee:  $50 per athlete per academic year.  The athletic fee is used to support intercollegiate athletics.  

Late Payment Fee:  $25 fee charged for late payments on an Installment Pay Plan or any loan).  Students who are delinquent on their obligations cannot register or be issued official transcripts until university indebtedness has been paid in full. 

Other Fees

                Late Registration                    $50              

                Copyright Fee Registration   $20               

                NSF/Returned Check Fee      $30

                Thesis/Dissertation Actual Charges (estimate)               $10

                Examination, Advanced Standing (per course)               $15


*All fees are subject to change by university or legislative action.