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University College is the academic home for students who have fewer than 45 semester credit hours or are undeclared majors.  University College also oversees the First Year Experience.  In University College, students will be advised by Success Coaches, who will track their progress and work to keep them on track through proactive advising.  The Success Center team of writing and subject area tutors offers enhanced academic support to help students of all academic levels.  University College’s Supplemental Instructors attend specific gateway classes and hold extra sessions to offer students in the larger class sections small-group and one-on-one assistance.  Once students complete their first 45 hours of study, they are transitioned into one of our three schools—Arts & Sciences; Business Administration; or Education, Health Professions & Human Development—but the academic support team in University College continues to offer extra support and guidance as needed.

First Year Experience

University College offers thematic Freshman Seminar sections each semester, many of which are paired with core curriculum classes.  Freshman Seminar courses introduce students to college life and to UHV, giving them a solid academic foundation while encouraging them to create social connections with their peers, staff, and faculty members.  The learning communities pair thematic Freshman Seminar courses with core courses that share themes to offer deeper learning experiences and enhanced social interaction.  Freshman Seminar courses and learning community themes change each semester.

Student Success Center

Success Coaches

Student Success Coaches advise all students through their first 45 hours of course work and undeclared majors until they choose a major.  They visit with students face-to-face, by telephone, or via email. Students may opt to visit with a Success Coach as often as they wish. The Success Coach assists students with various strategies to effectively use their time and stay focused on their educational goals. The Coach helps students make good choices and overcome academic and social obstacles. To make an appointment with your Success Coach, please call 361.570.4288, e-mail, or register at WCOnline

Success Advocates

The Success Advocates are undergraduate students who work with the Success Center to help promote overall student success on campus. They are active throughout campus and work closely with students to help the Success Coaches identify the needs of students in order to create activities, programs, workshops, and presentations to address student needs. The Student Success Advocates’ goal is to be leaders who encourage, guide, and support UHV students. Advocates also serve as an additional contact point for the Success Coaches.

Honors Program

For high-performing students, University College offers an Honors Program.  Qualified student may elect to go into the Honors Program to supplement their degree plans, develop their academic credentials, and more fully integrate themselves into the intellectual life of UHV. Graduates of the UHV Honors Program will develop skills that will aid them in graduate education or as leaders in their careers. 

There are two types of Honors Program courses. Most students take one Honors course per long semester. Honors Program Core Courses are targeted to Freshmen and Sophomore students. These are special sections of courses that conform to the catalog descriptions and learning outcomes of core curriculum or other lower-division classes. These will engage Honors students with special themes and projects which intellectually expand the Core Curriculum. Enrollment in these courses is limited to Honors Program students.

Upper-division coursework specific to the student's degree plan are fulfilled with Honors Program Contract Courses. In these courses, students work with faculty for supplemental assignments and projects in the upper-division courses prescribed in a student’s degree plan. In some limited cases, there will be seminars limited to Honors students that will count for upper-division credit. Finally, as a capstone, students will complete a senior project under the guidance of a faculty mentor.

Additionally, the Honors Program will coordinate colloquia, academic activities, and other projects to supplement the classroom experience. Some examples of these are the biannual Honors Symposia at the end of the semester, field trips to intellectual or cultural events in the region, and use of the Honors Common Room at Jaguar Suites. Additionally, the Director of the Honors Program will act as advisor for Honors Students.

Basic Admission Criteria:

  • For incoming first-year students:
    • Letter of application addressing qualifications and college goals to be reviewed and approved by Honors Program Advisory Committee.
    • One of the following:
      • SAT (Reading + Math) score of 1200
      • ACT score of 25
      • Graduate of the top 15% of a ranked high school class
      • International Baccalaureate Degree
      • Two letters of recommendation from high school teachers
  • For admission after the first semester:
    • Letter of application addressing qualifications and college goals to be reviewed and approved by Honors Program Advisory Committee.
    • 3.5 cumulative GPA on all college coursework.
    • Sample of coursework or another project which demonstrates academic distinction


Requirements for Honors Program Graduation:

  • Completion of a UHV program according to all established polices
  • 3.5 cumulative GPA (one semester of probation is allowed)
  • 9 credit-hours of Honors Contract Courses
  • A Senior Project
  • Enrollment in at least one upper-division face-to-face course per semester
  • Participation in two Honors Program activities per academic year
  • This is the best option for transfer students who have completed most of their lower-division work elsewhere


Requirements for Honors Program Graduation with Distinction:

  • Completion of a UHV program according to all established polices
  • 3.5 cumulative GPA (one semester of probation is allowed)
  • 12 Hours of Honors Program Core Courses (Not including UNIV 1300)
  • 9 credit-hours of Honors Contract Courses
  • A Senior Project
  • Enrollment in at least one upper-division face-to-face course per semester (once junior status is achieved)
  • Participation in two Honors Program activities per academic year
  • The best option for students who complete most of their coursework at UHV.


Peer Tutoring

The Center offers a free peer tutoring program for a wide variety of subjects. Though the exact list depends on tutor availability, generally the Center offers tutoring in math, history, science, and computer science. Please visit the Student Success Center ( for a current schedule. Most peer tutoring occurs on a drop-in basis in Jaguar Hall 1129. Some tutoring also occurs in the University West building. No appointment necessary.

The SSC also provides peer tutoring via Adobe Connect, web conferencing software. For students who cannot physically come to Victoria for assistance, this product is ideal as it allows the tutor and the student to communicate via webcam. An appointment is necessary for this service. Please visit the Peer Tutoring website for more information.

Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a program that offers weekly review sessions for certain core classes that freshmen often find challenging.  SI is offered through the SSC in collaboration with key faculty members.  In SI, a tutor “takes” a course he or she has already passed with an A or B and creates review sessions based on course content.


The SSC also provides students with testing services on the Victoria and Katy campuses.  Students can schedule correspondence exams throughout the year by contacting the SSC testing specialist at (361)570-4285.  Faculty can also refer students to the SSC for makeup exams, which require an appointment.

The Student Success Center administers standardized testing for students enrolling in college or completing certification requirements: the TSI, TCEQ, TExES, and Nelson-Denny Reading Test. Testing services also provides accommodations for students with disabilities.  Check the SSC website for testing schedules or contact the SSC testing coordinator.

More information about testing services is available on the Testing Services website.  Appointments are required for every exam.  Register for an exam at RegisterBlast.