University of Houston-Victoria



Independent Studies

Independent studies are intended to supplement or extend regular coursework. Only demonstrably capable students with a significant base of regular coursework in a field should seek to undertake an independent study. Independent studies:

  1. Must have the approval of the sponsoring faculty member and school dean.
  2. Should not duplicate scheduled courses or serve as a substitute for regular courses. School deans may approve exceptions if students are otherwise unable to make reasonable progress toward a degree.
  3. Should be completed in one semester or summer.
  4. Must require at least the same total commitment of time and effort as a regular course.
  5. Must require at least three scheduled conferences between the student and sponsoring faculty member.
  6. Must require, as appropriate, a written plan of study prepared by the student or faculty member, including topic, purpose, proposed method of inquiry, tentative description of scope and focus, and method of evaluating the learning achieved.
  7. Must require at least one graded report, paper, examination, or some combination of these.