Temporary Graduate Student

What do I need to be admitted as a temporary graduate student?

To be eligible for admission under the temporary graduate classification in the graduate career, a student must have at least a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution. An official transcript showing the completion of the student's most recent degree must be sent directly from the institution conferring that degree to UH-Victoria.

Who benefits from this temporary status?

Temporary status is beneficial for three types of students

  1. Students looking for a transient status that needs to take courses from UHV in order to graduate at another AACSB accredited school. Given the popularity and high quality of our online courses, students from all over the US can take courses from us when their own university is not offering them.

  2. Students looking to test if a UHV graduate program is a good fit for them. When candidates are unsure whether UHV is a good fit for them, they can apply as a temporary graduate student for one semester. This trial period will help them decide whether they want to commit to their degree.

  3. Students seeking admission close to the start of the semester. Admission to UHV is straight forward and admission may be possible close to the start of the semester. Temporary graduate admission allows students to register and get started while they complete GMAT preparation and testing.

How many hours can I take as a temporary graduate student?

Temporary graduate students in the School of Business Administration will be permitted to register under this classification for 2 semesters only (not to exceed 6 hours of graduate coursework in a given semester), and must submit GMAT scores sufficient for meeting university admission requirements before the student is permitted to register for their third semester. Students must complete an acknowledgement of this limitation before they are permitted to register for their initial semester of enrollment. Students under this classification will be required to register through his/her advisor until fully admitted to the graduate business program(s).

What do I submit?

  1. Complete Texas Common Application. There is no application fee.

  2. An official transcript from the college from which the most recent degree and/or course work was earned, sent directly from the institution to UH-Victoria

What if I am a foreign student?

Students seeking admission on a F-1 student visa are not able to begin enrollment on a Temporary Graduate status. Students who reside outside the United States who wish to complete the graduate program may be granted temporary graduate admission status. Students who begin their program outside the U.S. and decide to complete the program in this country must be fully approved into the program to obtain a student visa, or must hold another visa type that permits study, prior to enrolling in classes. All students must provide proof of English proficiency prior to approval for admission.