International Business and the Strategic MBA

Strategic MBA students must take 6 hours in a concentration of their choosing in addition to the 3 hours needed for their free elective and 27 hours needed for their core courses. The international business concentration is ideal for students who desire a deeper dive into the global mechanizations in business.

High Strategy, Global Application

The Strategic MBA prepares students for top management roles that shape the future initiatives of their organizations. Strategic MBA graduates plan high-level strategies and manage the tactics through to implementation. For candidates who seek to lead companies in their strategic initiatives in international business, choosing the international business concentration prepares them for the global application of their skills.

Should I Take the Global MBA Instead?

There are some differences between the Strategic MBA with a concentration within international business versus the Global MBA. You might be a better fit for the Global MBA if:

  • You have a BBA degree and want to advance your career or business in the international markets.
  • You prefer courses offered in an accelerated 8-week format, and are offered fully online.

You are a good fit for the Strategic MBA with a concentration in international business if:

  • You are a domestic or international student seeking a career in planning and structuring business strategy, a role that many chief operating officers (COOs) take on, within the realm of international business
  • Your bachelor degree is not in business but you are not just looking to advance your career but seeking a top-level position that decides the direction of entire departments, organizations, and businesses
  • You prefer courses offered in a traditional 16-week format, available through a combination of traditional face-to-face courses and online courses.

Are you ready for a career leading the strategy that initiates organizational change on an international stage? Admissions.