CPA Requirements

Fulfill Accounting CPA Requirements While Earning Your MBA or Master of Accountancy

Accounting CPA Requirements

The combination of a master's degree and a CPA license is a powerful duo of credentials that will increase your job prospects in top leadership positions. If you choose the accounting concentration while working towards your MBA or decide on the Master of Accountancy, you are at a distinct advantage in your preparations for taking the CPA exam and obtaining your CPA certification. The Strategic MBA with an accounting concentration and the Master of Accountancy give you a highly desirable combination of skills that translates into a competitive advantage for potential career outcomes.

Accounting CPA Exam

The state of Texas administers the CPA exam but students with a BBA in accounting that take the accounting concentration track in the Strategic MBA program will fulfill the CPA exam requirements. Planning for the CPA exam is made easier through our faculty mentorship, our accounting courses, and a tailored degree program that our counselors will assist you in developing.

Accounting CPA Certification

In order to obtain your CPA certificate and license in Texas, you must:

By taking a concentration in accounting while earning your Strategic MBA at UHV, you'll be well on your way to earning your CPA certification.

Accounting CPA Courses

All Strategic MBA students must take 9 hours in their accounting concentration. If you are working towards your CPA, you should choose the accounting concentration and take the following courses:

  • ACCT 6371 Advanced Auditing

  • ACCT 6374 Seminar in Accounting Ethics (satisfies the Texas board ethics requirement)

To satisfy the research requirement you can choose between:

  • ACCT 6372 Advanced Studies in Taxation

  • ACCT 6373 Contemporary Issues in Accounting

  • ACCT 6376 Tax Research

Master of Accountancy students will take them as part of the program.
Contact us to map out how these two degrees will help you cover the CPA requirements.