Degree Requirements

The Master of Science in economic development and entrepreneurship (MSEDE) is more than just an online economics degree. Our MSEDE online program is a unique program in the United States that combines traditional economic development and entrepreneurship development into a one-of-a-kind degree. The MS economic development and entrepreneurship degree requires 30 hours to complete. Stay on track by following this easy formula for completing your MSEDE degree requirements: Core 30 = MSEDE 30.

Check Off Your Core Classes - 30 Credit Hours
Course CodeCredit HoursCore ClassesPrerequisite to Core
EDEN 6350 3 Introduction to Economic Development & Entrepreneurship    
EDEN 6351 3 Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship & Innovation    
EDEN 6352 3 Developing the Business Plan   EDEN 6351
EDEN 6353 3 Nurturing and Growing the Fledging Venture    
EDEN 6354 3 Growing the Successful Venture   EDEN 6353
EDEN 6355 3 Economic Development & Entrepreneurship Finance   Calculus
EDEN 6356 3 Methods in Economic Development    
EDEN 6357 3 The Practice of Local Economic Development   EDEN 6350, EDEN 6355, EDEN 6356
EDEN 6358 3 Theory & Practice of Regional Economic Development   EDEN 6350, EDEN 6356
EDEN 6359 3 Economic Development & Entrepreneurship Project   Must be within 9 hours of graduation

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