Global MBA Faculty

Global MBA faculty teach for the real international business world

Step towards success in international business by earning a Global MBA under the mentorship of our experienced international business faculty. Our international students appreciate the depth of knowledge and experience our diverse faculty brings to the Global MBA courses. Our domestic students benefit from the real-world global experiences of our faculty, who continue to conduct research and actively work in the international business realm when they are not teaching.

"If you have the capability to use the knowledge you've gained to look at situations and do what needs to be done, you will succeed. Applying knowledge is what we teach our students." - Jifu Wang, Associate Dean

UHV's Global MBA faculty don't just work in theory. They understand that they need to make sure each student has applied the knowledge they've learned by the time they leave the program. The faculty provide case-based, hands-on learning opportunities for the students to tackle. The faculty know how important real-world experiences are in preparing to work in international business.

Outstanding faculty achievements are the norm, not a rarity.

  • Xavier Garza-Gomez has hands-on experience working as a consultant globally in Mexico, Japan, and the U.S. His award-winning research has been applied by business leaders around the world.

  • Massomeh Hajilee was an intern at the International Monetary Fund and is now a well-published researcher in international economics.

  • Jie Yang is a well-published researcher with numerous awards, widely recognized for her work in production economics, production research, and logistics management.

Quality faculty entrenched in the global economy produce top-notch Global MBA programs. The UHV School of Business Administration is listed by The Princeton Review as one of the Best Business Schools and one of the Best Business Schools of the West. Ninety percent of our courses are taught by full-time faculty with earned doctorates and current research in their teaching fields.

When you work towards completing your Global MBA at UHV's School of Business Administration, you are preparing to enter the marketplace with international business experiences already in your portfolio. Learn from the best faculty teaching international business and apply today.