Alumni Week

We are proud of our alumni and we consider them as valued partners and friends. Each year, during Alumni Week, we welcome back successful graduates willing to share their experiences with current business students. At this event, volunteers come to a face-to-face class at one of our teaching locations where they spend 20-40 minutes explaining how their degree and what they learned at UHV connect to their current jobs.

Patricia Nagle alumni week
Patricia Nagle, a senior lender for American Bank in Victoria, talks with students during a UHV accounting class. Nagle was one of 27 UHV alumni who returned to the university to give presentations during Business Alumni Week.

Check out the UHV press release of a recent Alumni week

We are always looking for enthusiastic students willing to help. If you would like to take part in future editions of Alumni Week, please send your name and graduation date to our advisors.

Please visit the UHV Alumni website and consider joining a growing network of UHV graduates.

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