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MBA in Data Science

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MBA in Data Science Degree Requirements

Students interested in completing THE UHV MBA with a concentration in Data Science should complete the following coursework:

Foundation/Prerequisite Courses

These courses are waivable based on prior coursework. If needed, these courses are offered in an 8-week format and can be completed in a single semester.

  • BUSI 6A02 Statistics and Research Methods
  • ACCT 6A01 Financial Reporting & Analysis
  • ECON 6A01 Economics for Managers

THE UHV MBA Core Courses

  • ACCT 6352 Strategic Cost Management
  • MGMT 6352 Contemporary MIS Issues  
  • BUSI 6361 Introduction to Business Analytics 
  • MGMT 6354 Seminar in Management and Leadership
  • FINC 6352 Financial Management
  • MKTG 6352 Strategic Marketing Management
  • MGMT 6355 Operations and Supply Chain Management
  • MGMT 6359 Seminar in Strategic Management
  • MGMT 6399 Program Capstone

Concentration - Data Science

For students who have not previously completed coursework in Object-Oriented Programming, additional undergraduate prerequisites may apply.

  • COSC 6375 Programming for Data Science
  • COSC 6376 Predictive Analytics
  • Choice of 1:
    • COSC 6315 Data Science using Machine Learning
    • COSC 6378 Data Visualization

Total Program Requirements

Required Foundation/Prerequisite Courses {Varies by individual}
Required Core+Concentration Requirements 36 hours

Contact an Advisor to have your transcripts reviewed, to find out if the GMAT exam can be waived, and to receive your customized degree plan.

The Program Experience

Learn What It’s Like to be a Jaguar!

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UJohn Schroeder, Fall 2019
Completing a graduate degree is serious business that takes a tremendous amount of dedication and focus.  While it was a tough three years, the payoff has been amazing."
John Schroeder, 2019 Strategic MBA
Liza Lybolt
My degree at UHV helped me with starting a business."
Liza Lybolt, 2017 Global MBA in Accounting; 2015 BBA in Accounting