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Alumni Week

Many of our Alumni have their own business or are working in one of these business sectors: consulting, education, energy, healthcare, information technology, legal, marketing, real estate. They have a wealth of experience to share to help students connect their education to their future career.

Some of the business solutions that our Alumni have shared during Alumni week include applying statistical analysis to reduce inventory costs; managing your team like a family, consolidating, expanding and relocating business units, strategies to increase sales.

If you are an Alumni and would like to participate in the spring Alumni week, please contact Rosie.

Our alumni and faculty

Each spring semester, many of our Alumni return to the classroom as guest speakers to tell how their career has evolved since graduating from UHV. Students benefit by hearing how what they are learning can be applied to real business decision making.

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Thank You

Thank you to our recent past participants at the 2020 Virtual Alumni Week: 

Ramtin Barzin 
Nafis Bhuiyan 
Natalie Head 
Adam Jourdane 
Kerri Kavourgias 
Teri Moten 
Emmanuel Quansah 
Robert Royer 
John Schroeder 
Oscar Voigt 

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