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State law requires that you be informed of the following:

  • With few exceptions, you are entitled on request to be informed about the information the University collects about you by use of these forms;
  • Under sections 552.021 and 552.023 of the Government Code, you are entitled to receive and review the information;
  • Under section 559.004 of the Government Code, you are entitled to have the University correct information about you that is incorrect.

Table Of Contents



Contract Administration Forms

  • Consultant Certification
    • This certification must be printed out, signed and attached to the contract coversheet when requesting a consultant agreement.
  • Contract Coversheet
    • This form must be printed out and completed by the department any time the vendor's contract is being used. Forward to Business Services along with Vendor's contract. Department prepares and submits to Business Services. This form must be submitted with all contracts.
  • Contract Monitoring Acknowledgment
    • The department entering into a contract signs this form to acknowledge contract responsibility. The executed form becomes part of the contract file. Business Services prepares for department signoff.
  • Contract Payment Record
    • This payment record form is to be used to track payments made on a contract. Also attach to the voucher as documentation. Contact Business Services for assistance.
  • Justification of Untimely Submittal
    • This form must be printed out and completed by the department whenever a request for contract has not been submitted according to the Contract Execution Timeline.



  • Bulk Mail Form
    • Departmental required information for mailing of Bulk Mail. Prepare and send to Mail Services.
          (Bulk Mail Worksheet)
  • Postal Register
    • Use when postage is purchased with a ProCard for department mailings. Log must be attached to ProCard transaction as supporting documentation.



  • Parking Violation Appeal Form
    • Parking Violation - If you receive a parking violation on the UHV campus you have 30 calendar days from the citation date to appeal. Your right to appeal is lost after 30 days. If appealing, do not pay the fine until your appeal has been considered.
  • Parking Permit Request
    • UHV Faculty & Staff Parking Permit Application.
  • Housing Parking Permit Application
    • Student must be present and supply proof of residency in order to receive a permit.


Records Retention

    • This form is to be completed by the department requesting State records be transferred to storage or destruction.
  • Request for Disposal of Duplicate or Convenience Record Copies
    • This form is to be completed by the department requesting duplicate or convenience records be transferred to storage or destruction.


Safety & Risk Management

  • Application to Establish, Modify or Eliminate a Campus Carry Exclusion Zone
  • Auto Loss Report
    • This form is used to report accidents while using a fleet vehicle.
  • Hot Work Permit
    • This form is used when hot work is required by employees, contractors or other vendors prior to the start of work within University owned, leased, or controlled facilities.
  • Incident Report 07
    • This form is used to report incidents to the Safety Officer.(Interactive)
  • Liability Release of Injuries
    • This release of liability for injuries involves the voluntary participation in a University activity monetary compensation may be considered. (Department completes, send original to Business Services)
  • Photo/Voice Release Form
    • Authorization for use of an individual's photograph, image, voice, performance or likeness for purposes related to mission of the university. Approved OGC Form S-2003-2. (Department completes, send original forms to Business Services)
  • Release and Indemnification Agreement
    • This form to be used for any university sponsored activity or trip. Departments can prepare and send original signed documents to Business Services.


Standard Agreements