University of Houston-Victoria

Business Services

Contract Execution Timeline

University policy requires all contracts to be executed by the parties prior to the start date for services. (reference UHS Administrative Memorandum 03.A.05)  Therefore it's important that sufficient lead time is provided for proper Contract Execution.  The table below illustrates typical contract processing times:

Type of Contract Lead Time Required Why Lead Time is Necessary
Contract Services Agreement   10 days  
  • In-house processing
Contracts for consulting services less than $15,000.   15 days  
  • In-house processing
Non-Standard contracts (contracts that have not been previously certified as standard agreements by the Office of General Counsel)   30 days  
  • Ten day review by OGC and mail time.
  • Additional time for OGC revisions to be approved, if required.
Any contract for which Board of Regents approval must be obtained   60-90 days  
  • Refer to SAM 03.A.05, Section 3, for specifics. 
  • Board only meets at certain times. For agenda inclusion, items must be submitted for Board approval before agenda deadline.  For example, the Board of Regents meets 3/17/01.  Agenda items are due on 02/17/01.
Consulting services in excess of $15,000 including reimbursables   60-90 days  
  • Required Legislative Budget Board notification
  • Required posting on Texas Register for 30 days
  • Required posting on Texas Market Place for 21 days if over $25,000 (can run concurrently with other postings)
  • Required Finding of Fact from Governor's Office authorizing permission to proceed
  • Board of Regents approval (SAM 03.A.05), if required.
  • Approvals of both Vice Presidents
Any contract for which a total payment of more than $25,000 will be made for goods or services   60-90 days  
  • Required posting on Texas Marketplace for 21 days
  • Other requirements for specific contracts. (See above.)
Contracts to obtain the services of foreign nationals (length of time for processing varies).   30 days  
  • Minimum time required for processing necessary immigration permits and documents varies.  Consult with Human Resources for specific requirements.