Alumni: Graduation Survey

About You

Name: Email Address:
I am aU.S. citizen
Permanent resident of the U.S.
Citizen of another country (not a permanent U.S. resident)
  1. Immediately after graduation, I will live (am living) in
    Northeast U.S. (CT, MA, ME, NH, NJ, NY, RI, VT)
    Middle Atlantic U.S. (DC, DE, MD, PA, VA, WV)
    South U.S. (AL, AR, FL, GA, KY, LA, MS, NC, SC, TN)
    Midwest U.S. (IA, IL, IN, KS, MI, MN, MO, ND, NE, OH, SD, WI)
    Southwest U.S. (AZ, CO, NM, OK, TX)
    West U.S. (AK, CA, HI, ID, MT, NV, OR, UT, WA, WY)
    U.S. Possession or Territory
    Outside the U.S.

About Your Education

  1. Which degree(s) have you received from the UHV School of Business Administration? (Mark all that apply.)
    BBA-General Business
    BBA-Healthcare Administration
    Strategic MBA
    Global MBA
    MS-Economic Development and Entrepreneurship
  2. If you held a baccalaureate degree before entering UHV, how would you classify your previous major?
    Not applicable--I did not hold a baccalaureate degree prior to entering UHV.
  3. To what extent did your employer provide financial assistance during your recent enrollment?
    I was not employed during my recent enrollment. Skip to question 8.
    My employer did not provide any financial assistance. Skip to question 8.
    Employer assistance covered less than 25% of my educational expenses.
    Employer assistance covered more than 25%, but less than 50%, of my educational expenses.
    Employer assistance covered more than 50%, but less than 75%, of my educational expenses.
    Employer assistance covered more than 75%, but less than 100%, of my educational expenses.
    Employer assistance covered 100% of my educational expenses.
  4. To which educational expenses has your employer contributed?
    Books and other required materials
    Travel expenses
  5. According to your employer's policy, what is the maximum financial assistance they will provide to an employee?
    $ per course semester year
  6. How has your employer handled its contributions to your educational expenses?
    Direct payment to the university
    Reimbursement to me based on paid university fee statement.
    Reimbursement to me based on official grade report or transcript.
  7. What are your immediate educational plans?
    I am continuing my education full-time.
    I am continuing my education part-time.
    I am taking some time off from school, but will continue my education at a later date.
    I do not plan to seek additional formal education. Skip to next section.
    I have not made any decisions about continuing education.
  8. Please indicate which, if any, of the following certificate programs would be of interest to you.
    Certificate in Entrepreneurship
    Certificate in Retailing
    Business Economics Certificate
    Chartered Financial Analyst Review & Study
    Financial Services Management
    Professional Project Management
    Human Resource Management Certificate
    Certificate in Real Estate Development
    Certificate in Taxation
    Executive Development Certificate
    Professional Development Certificate
    Certified Public Manager
    Public Budgeting and Financial Management
    General Management Certificate
    Advanced General Management Certificate
    Project Management Leadership Certificate
    Executive Education Open Enrollment
    Certificate of Executive Leadership
    Certificate in Supply Chain Management
    Professional eCertificate in Sourcing Management
  9. Would you be interested in a Certificate in International Business (four courses) that includes a two-week study abroad component with each course?
  10. Please indicate which, if any, of the study abroad trips destination below would interest you after graduation.
    Eastern Europe
    Western Europe
    East Asia
    Central Asia
    Central or South America
  11. What is the highest degree you anticipate earning during your lifetime?
    Bachelor's degree
    Master's degree
    Doctorate or professional degree (ex. J.D., M.D.)

About Your Employment

Employer Name: Your Professional Title:
Employer City: Employer State:
Country: Postal Code:
  1. As of today, how many years of professional experience do you have?
    One year or less
    More than one year, up to three years
    More than three years, up to five years
    More than five years
  2. Prior to graduation, I was
    • Seeking employment, and I
      • have accepted a job with
        • a base salary of $ ,
        • a signing bonus of $ , and
        • other guaranteed compensation valued at $ .
      • have not accepted a job. Skip to next section.
    • Not seeking employment because
      • I was already employed and chose to remain. Skip to question 16.
      • I was continuing my education. Skip to next section.
      • I was postponing my job search.
      • I was starting a new business.
      • of a reason not listed here.
  3. I found my job as a result of
    Activities or efforts of the UHV Career Services Office
    Activities or efforts of the UHV School of Business Administration
    Activities or efforts not associated with UHV
  4. My professional function could best be categorized as
    General management
    Management information systems
    Human resources
  5. My industry could best be categorized as
    Consumer products
    Financial services
    Health and/or medical services

About Your Relationship with the School of Business Administration (SBA)

  1. Do you have suggestions for improving services in the SBA?
  2. Please indicate which, if any, of the following SBA Alumni events or activities you would like to participate in (mark all that apply).
    SBA golf tournament
    Attending a BBA or MBA conference as a panelist
    Attending an SBA “Happy Hour”
    Employing student interns
    Serving as an Alumni Advisory Council member
    Serving on a fundraising committee
  3. Do you have suggestions for other SBA Alumni events or activities?
  4. Are there other ways in which you would be willing to become involved in SBA's networking, mentoring, or outreach activities?