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ACCT 4311 - 22403 Spring 2014

Course Number ACCT 4311 - 22403
Course Title Principles of Federal Income Taxation
Location Cinco Ranch
Course Day and Time W 7:00 PM—9:45 PM
Prerequisites ACCT 3303
Instructor Danny Chiang
Office Brazos Hall 310 (Sugar Land)
Office Hours W6PM-7PM Victoria, Th 6PM-7PM Sugar Land; or by appointment
Phone 832-842-3047
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Weekly Class Schedule

1An Introduction to TaxCh 1
2Tax Compliance, The IRS, and Tax AuthoritiesCh 2
3Tax Planning Strategies and Related LimitationsCh 3
4Individual Income Tax OverviewCh 4
5Gross Income and ExclusionsCh 5
6Individual DeductionsCh 6
7Midterm Exam 1Ch 1-6
8Individual Income Tax Computation and Tax CreditsCh 7
9Spring Break
10Business Income, Deductions, and Accounting MethodsCh 8
11Property Acquisition and Cost RecoveryCh 9
12Midterm Exam 2Ch 7-9
13Property DispositionsCh 10
14Property Dispositions; InvestmentsCh 10 & 11
15InvestmentsCh 11
16CompensationsCh 12
17Final ExamCh 10-12