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Weekly Schedule for MGMT 6355 - 24885

MGMT 6355 - 24885 Fall 2013

Course Number MGMT 6355 - 24885
Course Title Operations Management: Creating Competitive Advantages
Location Cinco Ranch
Course Day and Time TH 7:00 PM—9:45 PM
Prerequisites QMSC 6351
Instructor Jie Yang
Office Brazos Hall 319 (Sugar Land)
Office Hours Mon 12-1pm Sugar Land; Tues 11AM-1PM Virtual Office Hours
Phone 832-842-2947
Faculty Homepage/URL http://

Weekly Class Schedule

1Operations and Supply Chain ManagementChapter 1
2Strategy and Sustainability & Linear ProgrammingChapter 2 and Appendix A
3Strategic Capacity ManagementChapter 4
4Process AnalysisChapter 5
5Production Processes and Facility LayoutChapter 6 and 6A
6Exam 1
7Six Sigma Quality and Process Capability and SPCChapter 9 and 9A
8ProjectsChapter 10
9Global Sourcing and ProcurementChapter 11
10Location, Logistics, and DistributionChapter 12
11Exam 2
12Lean and Sustainable Supply Chains; Demand Management and ForecastingChapter 13 and 15
13Inventory ControlChapter 17
14SAP ERP simulation gameseparate materials
15Final exam