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Weekly Schedule for MGMT 4316 - 25027

MGMT 4316 - 25027 Fall 2013

Course Number MGMT 4316 - 25027
Course Title International Management
Location Online
Prerequisites MGMT 3303
Instructor Alma A. Gonzalez
Office Brazos Hall 349 (Sugar Land) By appointment
Office Hours 5pm to 7pmVirtual Office Hours
Phone Send email w/ phone #, instructor will contact
Fax 281-275-3378
Faculty Homepage/URL http://
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Weekly Class Schedule

1Globalization & International LinkagesChapter 1 from TextbookPosting in Discussion Board
2The Political, Legal, and Technological EnvironmentChapter 2Reading Quiz Ch 1&2
3Ethics and Social ResponsibilityChapter 3Study Case
4The Meanings and Dimensions of CultureChapter 4Posting in Discussion Board
5Managing Across CulturesChapter 5Reading Quiz Ch 3&4
6Organizational Cultures and DiversityChapter 6Reading Quiz Ch 5&6
7Cross Cultural Communication and NegotiationChapter 7Study Case
8Mid Term ExamPosting in Discussion Board & Mid Term Exam
9Strategy Formulation and ImplementationChapter 8Mind Map 1
10Entry Strategies and Organizational StructuresChapter 9Reading Quiz Ch 7&8
11Managing Political Risk, Government Relations, and AlliancesChapter 10Reading Quiz Ch 9&10
12Management Decision and ControlChapter 11Study Case
13Motivation Across Cultures Chapter 12Posting in Discussion Board & Reading Quiz
14Leadership Across CulturesChapter 13Study Case
15Human Resources Selection and Development Across CulturesChapter 14Posting in Discussion Board & Map Mind 2 & 3
16FINAL EXAMMind Map 4