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Weekly Schedule for MGMT 4305 - 25022

MGMT 4305 - 25022 Fall 2013

Course Number MGMT 4305 - 25022
Course Title Leadership
Location Online
Prerequisites MGMT 3303
Instructor Dr. Olga Chapa
Office Hours Monday 2:50-3:50 pm (or scheduled)
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Weekly Class Schedule

9/21Who is a Leader?
9/92Leadership Traits and Ethics
9/163Leadership Behavior and Motivation
9/234Contingency Leadership Theories
9/305Influencing: Power...& Negotiation
10/76Communication...& Conflict Skills
10/14Work on Assignment 1 - MT Prep
10/20Midterm Exam9am-8pm
10/217Leader-Member...& Followership
10/22Tuesday Assignment 1 Due11:59pm
10/288Team Leadership &...Teams
11/49Charismatic & Transformational
11/1110Leadership of Culture...& Diversity
11/1811Strategic Leadership
11/25Work on Assignment 2
12/1Sunday Assignment 2 Due11:59pm
12/2Final Exam Prep
12/8Final Exam9am-8pm
* Schedule may be modified