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Weekly Schedule for MGMT 4300 - 25020

MGMT 4300 - 25020 Fall 2013

Course Number MGMT 4300 - 25020
Course Title Selected Topics in Management (Critical Thinking and Communication Skills for Managers)
Location Online
Prerequisites ENGL 1301 and 1302
Instructor Mark Ward
Office University West 268 (Victoria)
Office Hours Wed 11AM-2PM Victoria
Phone 361-570-4256
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Weekly Class Schedule

Aug 26-Sep 11Course Introduction; Formation of GroupsSyllabus(1) self-introductions; (2) certification statements
Sep 2-82Effective and Ethical Communication at Work; Basic Communication ModelsChapter 1; Online Lecture(1) weekly discussion; (2) group websites
Sep 9-153Group and Team Communication Practice and TheoryChapter 2; Online Lecture(1) weekly discussion; (2) job descriptions and announcements
Sep 16-224The Job Search, Resumes, and Cover LettersChapter 15(1) weekly discussion; (2) resumes and cover letters
Sep 23-295Interviewing and Following UpChapter 16(1) weekly discussion; (2) interview video and thank-you letter
Sep 30-Oct 66Electronic Messages and Digital Media; Positive MessagesChapters 7, 8(1) weekly discussion; (2) offer and rejection letters; (3) resume ratings
Oct 7-137Negative MessagesChapter 9(1) weekly discussion; (2) acceptance and declination letters
Oct 14-208Midterm ExerciseNoneMidterm Exercise
Oct 21-279Planning, Organizing, Writing, and Revising Business MessagesChapters 4, 5, 6(1) weekly discussion; (2) meeting minutes
Oct 28-Nov 310Report and Research Basics; Proposals, Plans, and ReportsChapters 11, 12, 13(1) weekly discussion; (2) meeting minutes; (3) final request for proposal
Nov 4-1011Group WorkNone(1) weekly discussion; (2) meeting minutes; (3) final request for proposal
Nov 11-1712Intercultural Communication Practice and TheoryChapter 3; Online Lecture(1) weekly discussion; (2) meeting minutes
Nov 18-2413Persuasive and Sales Messages; Theories of PersuasionChapter 10; Online Lecture(1) weekly discussion; (2) meeting minutes; (3) draft proposal
Dec 2-815Group WorkNone(1) meeting minutes; (2) final proposal
Dec 9-1316Business PresentationsChapter 14(1) video presentation and PowerPoint; (2) philosophy statement; (3) questionnaire