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MGMT 4300 - 25020 Fall 2013

Course Number MGMT 4300 - 25020
Course Title Critical Thinking and Communication Skills for Managers
Location Online
Prerequisites ENGL 1301 and 1302
Instructor Mark Ward
Office University West 268 (Victoria)
Office Hours Wed 11AM-2PM Victoria
Phone 361-570-4256
Technical Assistance with Learn 9

Weekly Class Schedule

Aug 26-Sep 11Course Introduction; Formation of GroupsSyllabus(1) self-introductions; (2) certification statements
Sep 2-82Effective and Ethical Communication at Work; Basic Communication ModelsChapter 1; Online Lecture(1) weekly discussion; (2) group websites
Sep 9-153Group and Team Communication Practice and TheoryChapter 2; Online Lecture(1) weekly discussion; (2) job descriptions and announcements
Sep 16-224The Job Search, Resumes, and Cover LettersChapter 15(1) weekly discussion; (2) resumes and cover letters
Sep 23-295Interviewing and Following UpChapter 16(1) weekly discussion; (2) interview video and thank-you letter
Sep 30-Oct 66Electronic Messages and Digital Media; Positive MessagesChapters 7, 8(1) weekly discussion; (2) offer and rejection letters; (3) resume ratings
Oct 7-137Negative MessagesChapter 9(1) weekly discussion; (2) acceptance and declination letters
Oct 14-208Midterm ExerciseNoneMidterm Exercise
Oct 21-279Planning, Organizing, Writing, and Revising Business MessagesChapters 4, 5, 6(1) weekly discussion; (2) meeting minutes
Oct 28-Nov 310Report and Research Basics; Proposals, Plans, and ReportsChapters 11, 12, 13(1) weekly discussion; (2) meeting minutes; (3) final request for proposal
Nov 4-1011Group WorkNone(1) weekly discussion; (2) meeting minutes; (3) final request for proposal
Nov 11-1712Intercultural Communication Practice and TheoryChapter 3; Online Lecture(1) weekly discussion; (2) meeting minutes
Nov 18-2413Persuasive and Sales Messages; Theories of PersuasionChapter 10; Online Lecture(1) weekly discussion; (2) meeting minutes; (3) draft proposal
Dec 2-815Group WorkNone(1) meeting minutes; (2) final proposal
Dec 9-1316Business PresentationsChapter 14(1) video presentation and PowerPoint; (2) philosophy statement; (3) questionnaire