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Weekly Schedule for ECON 6351 - 24961

ECON 6351 - 24961 Fall 2013

Course Number ECON 6351 - 24961
Course Title Economics for Managers
Location Online
Prerequisites Graduate standing required for enrollment
Instructor Chien-Ping Chen
Office Brazos Hall 339 (Sugar Land)
Office Hours M/W 10AM-Noon UHSL BH 339; or by appointment
Phone 281-275-8811
Faculty Homepage/URL
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Weekly Class Schedule

8/26~9/11The Challenge of EconomicsCh 1 (Lecture 1)Due Self-Introduction at 11pm, 9/1 (Sun)
9/3~9/82The U.S. EconomyCh 2 (Lecture 2)Due DB#1 at 11pm, 9/8 (Sun)
9/9~9/153International TradeCh 17 (Lecture 3)Due DB#2 at 11pm, 9/15 (Sun)
9/16~9/224Supply and Demand Ch 3 (Lecture 4)Due DB#3 and Homework 1 at 11pm, 9/22 (Sun)
9/23~9/295Consumer DemandCh 4 (Lecture 5)Due DB#4 at 11pm, 9/29 (Sun)
9/30~10/66Supply DecisionsCh 5 (Lecture 6)Due DB#5 at 11pm, 10/6 (Sun)
10/7~10/137CompetitionCh 6 (Lecture 7)Due DB#6 and Homework 2 at 11pm, 10/13 (Sun)
10/14~10/208MonopolyCh 7 (Lecture 8)Due DB#7 at 11pm, 10/20 (Sun); 10/20 (Sun) Midterm Exam (Access Window 1:00~6:00PM)
10/21~10/279Business CycleCh 10 (Lecture 9)Due the Choice of Industry of Term Paper at 11pm, 10/27 (Sun)
10/28~11/310Aggregate Supply-DemandCh 11 (Lecture 10)Due DB#8 and Homework 3 at 11pm, 11/3 (Sun)
11/4~11/1011Fiscal PolicyCh 12 (Lecture 11)Due DB#9 at 11pm, 11/10 (Sun)
11/11~11/1712Money and BanksCh 13 (Lecture 12)Due the Draft of Term Paper at 11pm, 11/17 (Sun)
11/18~11/2413Monetary PolicyCh 14 (Lecture 13)Due DB#10 and Homework 4 at 11pm, 11/24 (Sun)
11/25~12/114Thanksgiving Holidays Week
12/2~12/815Review WeekAdobe Connect Review Session at 8:00pm on 12/5 (Thu)Due Term Paper at 11pm, 12/5 (Thu); 12/8 (Sun) Online Final Exam (Access Window: 1:00-6:00pm)