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Weekly Schedule for ECON 3305 - 24842

ECON 3305 - 24842 Fall 2013

Course Number ECON 3305 - 24842
Course Title Managerial Economics
Location Cinco Ranch
Course Day and Time M 7:00 PM—9:45 PM
Prerequisites ECON 2301, ECON 2302, COSC 3325, and BUSI 3303
Instructor Chien-Ping Chen
Office Brazos Hall 339 (Sugar Land)
Office Hours M/W 10AM-Noon UHSL BH 339; or by appointment
Phone 281-275-8811
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Weekly Class Schedule

8/261Chapter 1 Managers, Profits, and Markets
9/92Chapter 2 Demand, Supply, and Market Equilibrium
9/163Chapter 3 Marginal Analysis for Optimal Decisions
9/234Chapter 4 Basic Estimation TechniquesDue Homework 1 in class
9/305Chapter 5 Theory of Consumer Behavior
10/76Chapter 6 Elasticity and Demand
10/147Chapter 7 Demand Estimation and Forecasting
10/218Chapter 8 Production and Cost in SRDue Homework 2 and Case 1 in class
10/289Midterm Exam (CHs 1-7)
11/410Chapter 9 Production and Cost in LR
11/1111Chapter 10 Production and Cost Estimation
11/1812Chapter 11 Managerial Decisions in Competitive MarketsDue Homework 3 in class
11/2513Chapter 12 Managerial Decisions for Firms with Market Power
12/214Chapter 13 Strategic Decision Making in Oligopoly MarketsDue Case 2 in class
12/915Final Exam (CHs 8-13)Due Homework 4 in class