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Weekly Schedule for ACCT 3303 - 24788

ACCT 3303 - 24788 Fall 2013

Course Number ACCT 3303 - 24788
Course Title Financial Statement Analysis
Location Victoria
Course Day and Time T 4:00 PM—6:45 PM
Prerequisites ACCT 2301/2401 and ACCT 2302/2402
Instructor Danny Chiang
Office Hours T6PM-7PM Victoria, M 6PM-7PM Sugar Land; or by appointment
Phone 832-600-0432
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Weekly Class Schedule

1Review of Financial Accounting PrinciplesNotes
2Review of Financial Accounting PrinciplesNotes
3Review of Financial Accounting PrinciplesNotes
4Review of Financial Accounting PrinciplesNotes
5Mini Review ExamReview of Financial Accounting Principles
6Financial Accounting and Accounting StandardsCh 1
7Conceptual Framework for Financial AccountingCh 2
8The Accounting Information SystemCh 3
9Full Disclosures and Financial Statement AnalysisCh 24 and Appendix 24A
10Midterm ExamCh 1-3, 24, Appendix 24A
11Income Statement and Related InformationCh 4
12Balance Sheet and Statement of Cash FlowsCh 5
13Balance Sheet and Statement of Cash FlowsCh 5
14Accounting and the Time Value of MoneyCh 6
15Accounting and the Time Value of MoneyCh 6
16Final ExamCh 4-6