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BBA Supply Chain Management


About the Program

Central to any organization is its people. To thrive, an organization must develop effective leaders and managers. The UHV School of Business Administration offers a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management to prepare students to be leaders and managers. Management courses are offered face-to-face and online* and cover topics such as strategic management, leadership, human resource management, change management, organizational behavior, business ethics, and global issues. These courses expose students to managerial and administrative roles and responsibilities involved in leading and managing change within dynamic organizations. Managers are challenged with positioning their organization to reach goals and thrive in a complex environment. Students pursuing this major develop skills for leading individuals and groups within their organization. Particular emphasis is placed on both theory and practice so that upon graduation students are equipped to step right into managerial roles within a wide variety of organizations.

* 1000- and 2000-level courses taken at UHV will require face-to-face enrollment.

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